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Phil R
Level 1

Data Protect / Linking Accounts


I use QB Desktop Pro 2021 and back things up with Intuit Data Protect. Last Friday, all was well. Monday, I found that I no longer have Data Protect when I hover over File and then Backup Company. It asks me to Setup / Activate it. My subscription has not run out and when I look at my account, it shows that I have QB Desktop 21 as well as Data Protect. 

I logged out of QB and then back in, checked all updates, etc. No luck. But then the accountant firm that used to do our audits stated they received an email that my Data Protect was going to renew in April. What? How did QB/Intuit even get her email?

I logged into my personal Intuit account for Turbotax and checking my paystub and I see that my work Data Protect is now listed as my personal service as well as workforce and Turbotax. I do not use my personal email anywhere in the work system other than View My Paystub.

What update happened over the weekend that linked all of these accounts and mismanaged what went to which account? I have spent 4 hours on the phone with Intuit and they have no explanation nor a fix. Now I cannot backup QB.

Has anyone run into this? Any ideas on how to fix it? 

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Phil R
Level 1

Data Protect / Linking Accounts

Fixed, I think. After another 4 hours and three more tech support personnel, we had to use a new email, transfer everything over to that user and then add my old emails as two separate accounts. One for business and one for personal. They had no explanation as to why it happened and it did not show that any email was linked to each other on their end either. 


Data Protect / Linking Accounts

Thank you for sharing the solution you've done with our Live Support Team, Phil R.


The process will surely help other customers who also experience the same issue. I'm adding this article to get answers to frequently asked questions about Intuit Data Protect: Common questions about Intuit Data Protect.


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