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I can't find Tax Checklist. Where did it go?

I've tried to clear cache and cookies. I've opened incognito page. I tried another browser.

I've done everything I've read in numerous Quickbooks articles. But it all did not help.

Tax Checklist is still not there.

And I can't send the data to Turbo Tax. And I can't pull this data from TurboTax. 

What's the point in paying for the bundle when in fact it's actually not a bundle at all?

Apparently, it's another technical glitch from Quickbooks (alas, it's not first time I encounter technical glitches from QB) 

Does anyone know what happened to Tax Checklist and when will it be back?


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I can't find Tax Checklist. Where did it go?

I want to ensure you'll be able to send your tax data to Turbo Tax seamlessly, @gma-malina.


The Tax Checklist is available to view in QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) in mid-January. You'll receive a notification when it's ready. For more information about this, please visit this article: QuickBooks Self-Employed annual tax guide.


Since you still can't see this option after performing the recommended troubleshooting steps, I'd suggest reaching out to our Customer Care team. They use specific tools to allow you to view the Tax checklist option so you're able to export your data to TurboTax. Then, assist you in preparing and filing your self-employed taxes. Here's how:

  1. In your QBSE company, go to the Assistant tab.
  2. Next, enter your concern. Example: Can't find the Tax Checklist option.
  3. Then, choose the way to connect to the support.


To ensure you'll be assisted immediately, please visit our support's hours page


Also, categorizing your transactions will ensure that they belong to the correct line of your Schedule C.


I'm always here if you have any other concerns about sending your data to Turbo Tax. Don't hesitate to post here again. Have a great day ahead.

Level 2

I can't find Tax Checklist. Where did it go?

The Tax Checklist was not there and the support team had no idea why it's not there, and couldn't comment it anyhow.

So, theoretically, it can happen with anyone, anytime. I saw in the forum that somebody complained about same issue last year, so the error exists and is still not fixed. So it can happen again next year too...

You say that it was supposed to be available in mid-January, but I was trying in mid-February, but the Tax Checklist was still not there. Apparently, there is some serious technical bug that back-end team has to fix. 


Anyway, the only thing that worked for me (after hours of useless clearing cache / cookies / opening new browser / opening incognito pages etc etc etc) and the only thing support team could do is to give this link and only then there is an opportunity to export data from QB to Turbotax. 

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