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Matching deposits to both expenses and sales

I sold goods for 160$ using an external payment processing (paypal)
I deposited 140$ from paypal to my account after their fees.
How do I match it to a customer sale for 160$ and a paypal fee of 20$ at the same time?

The reason I don't want to do a journal entry is to be able to analyze my sales in both units and price sold.

Any advice is appreciated
(Quickbooks Online)

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QuickBooks Team

Matching deposits to both expenses and sales

We can spilt the transaction for the sale and paypal fee, AlexStr123.


When the payment came in as a lump sum amount, we can split the deposit. When we use the match option the transaction will be in our register as is. We can add it as a split instead. I’ll show you how:

  1. Go to the Banking page and click the bank.
  2. Select the Deposit and then click the Split button.
  3. We can enter an income account in the first line and then the expense account for the fee on the next line.
  4. Enter the amounts and let’s make sure that the Difference is zero so we can save it.
  5. Click Save and add.

We can review your register and the split accounts we used. We might want to reconcile your accounts afterwards.


Reach out to me if you need anything else. I got you!

Level 1

Matching deposits to both expenses and sales

Great, thanks alot for the help

Will I be able to match this to a bill I have under customers?
The reason I want to add this this way is to keep accurate units sold


QuickBooks Team

Matching deposits to both expenses and sales

I'm glad to see you here again, AlexStr123.


We no longer need to perform a find match for this transaction since we're splitting it into two different categories. As long as we've selected the appropriate accounts upon splitting the transaction, we'll have an accurate record of the units that have been sold.


After following the steps above provided by @Catherine_B, the transaction will be assigned to all of the categories you specified, saved to your register, and moved from the For Review tab to the In QuickBooks tab.


To learn more about the different tips and tricks in categorizing the downloaded bank transactions, you can refer to this link: Assign, categorize, edit, and add your downloaded banking transactions.


If you're about to reconcile your accounts, I've added an article that will guide you in doing it: Learn the reconcile workflow in QuickBooks.


As always, you can count on the Community Team if you need assistance in managing your bank transactions. Stay safe and healthy!

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