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Merchant services- dispute fraud, need Help ASAP


I am involved in a dispute with a fraudulent client, and have spent hours on the phone with merchant services. I even alerted them before the client filed a dispute- because I was alerted by several people in parallel industry that this client is pursuing these claims-


I have many many case numbers because all of the time I have spent in the process of trying to resolve this. Each time I have been assured that this client has been blacklisted and if I get all of my documentation together I will be defended by quickbooks. When uploading multiple files of documents I initially had a glitch- where it would not let me upload my final document THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE, my merchant explanation- by the deadline. It was not due to file size- it was just an internal glitch and when page refreshed it said “ thank you, your all caught up” and did not allow me to upload it.


I called the following am and could not resolve it- as it is impossible to directly send anything to quickbooks and could not resolve issue. I called back again later in the day, and found someone that sent me a file exchange link to upload.


So I believed to be resolved. However to be safe- I called back a few days later and verified that it was included in dispute. To which I received verification! Then early this week, I got a notice that my dispute was going into pre-arbitration- and to send this same document by today. I called, and the fraudulent clients CC company never had received my statement bc of the date stamp on my upload. I just was reviewing my statement again- and went to upload it it in this new request, and the SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN!


I got the same thing saying “thank you your all caught up- with no way to send document I have spent weeks on!” 

and, this dispute is for 10 k- of which I am not having the opportunity to defend myself properly against this fraud. 

I would appreciate guidance on how to rectify this. I have sent the pdf to every email I can find for merchant services and everything bounces back. 

I am beyond unhappy and frustrated with this experience- and I would like to find a way to escalate this!  I have wasted countless days working to defend myself against a fraud that I even pre-alerted to- and got 10k taken out of my account- and am not getting the chance to defend myself properly because of these internal system glitches. 


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Merchant services- dispute fraud, need Help ASAP

On 11/8/2022 I’ve been on the phone with a support agent in the payments department for over an hour. After explaining the technical error in the resolution center he sent me an new email with a link to with a different case number and and pin to upload my merchant statement. I also attached a time and date stamped screenshot of system error in resolution center. He then worked through the back end to attach these documents to my original dispute case number, as well as placing case notes documenting that this failure to upload by the deadline (which has now happened twice) leading to pre-arbitration was bc of an internal error.


When this happened before- on the original deadline. I was assured on two different calls and verified that it was attached on my case and in progress. Afterwards I was notified that my case was going into pre-arbitration and they were requesting my merchant explanation. I found that suspect bc the issues in the original upload- so I again called payments dept, and my suspicions were confirmed when support agent verified that my merchant explanation was not included in my case given to the clients bank. Hence- pre-arbitration. 

So, at this point, I am not full of confidence that this has been resolved correctly, since the same steps were takes the second time that lead to the failure the first time. 

I requested several times to be transferred to a case manager or someone that actually knows the details of this case. This was not something that the support agent could do initially. He attempted to get a direct email for me- but he could not have access to emails internally (???!!!)

I asked if it was possible to speak with a supervisor or anyone who has power to escalate this to a higher level. 

He put in a request that was approved. 

I was told that an actual person (with an email address you CAN RESPOND TO!!!) will contact me soon. I asked how soon, no idea. Within a day? Week? Answer : possibly. 

so I’m really hoping that this actually happens- as basically I am beholden on QB to support me in this dispute, yet so far have no confidence they are representing this case properly- as the bank did not even receive my merchant explanation before. It is possible this 10k dispute will be resolved in this fraudulent clients favor without his bank even seeing my explanation of the fraud- and only invoices receipts etc, that make no sense without the statement. 

any advice? This is beyond frustrating. 


QuickBooks Team

Merchant services- dispute fraud, need Help ASAP

I understand the inconvenience this issue have caused you, @AlexMarie


I’ve already reached out to our payment escalations team to share your experience and case history. Please be assured that we’ll have someone reach out to you soon to further discuss if we need more information to process your claim.


If you have any other concerns or additional questions about payments, just comment them below. I'm always here to help.

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Merchant services- dispute fraud, need Help ASAP

On 8/26 I spoke with Dawn in merchants department, and alerted her to a potential dispute regarding this specific transaction- after being alerted to the clients reputationand character 
On 9/23 I spoke with QuickBooks, after I received the dispute.
On 10/4 I chatted at length with accounts. This should have notes on case and case #is 1588835667. They discussed more exact nature of clients vague quality complaint and suggested that I also get letters of reference to attest to quality from people in feild
On 10/13 (the original deadline) I uploaded these letters of references successfully, however when I went to upload merchant explanation I received the name notification from the resolution center that said “I was all caught up” not allowing further uploads. As this was in the evening- there was no recourse until the following day. 
On 10-14 I chatted with accounts to attempt to resolve in AM- however it did not work. Later in the day I spoke with support specialist who sent be the back end file sharing email, and I uploaded it and was told there would be notes placed that this was in the deadline, and attached to original case.  
On 10/15 I got a final retrieval request- but with a deadline of 10/13. But when clicked on the link I got the same screen saying “all caught up” when I checked the status of case- it went from “pending review” to “information requested”
On 10/25 I again spoke with a support specialist in legnth and verified that everything was correctly attached to case. She confirmed- and read me files she could see. She said that most likely I got this notification as a glitch and could have something to do with my browser history cache/ browser. She said the case is under review and I should have a resolution by Nov. 21
On 11/3 I got notification(email) that this case has been put into pre arbitration- and requesting merchant explanation. When I looked at CC company explanation it said that I did not provide explanation.  This day I called as well - and was told that while this document was attached, it was rendered expired as the time/date stamp was after the deadline (bc of this issue in resolution center) 
On 11/7 I once again attempted to upload this document, and again was not allowed to upload in resolution center. Again- I can only work on this case in the evening, and have a very demanding life being a small business owner. Bc I could not reach anyone to resolve- after trying to find any way to email or contact web directly-  this is when I posted initially on the community forum. 
Additionally I emailed this PDF with an explanation to [email address removed]

[email address removed]

[email address removed]

[email address removed]

[email address removed]

[email address removed]

I received bounce back from all. I got one response from  no response@ saying that they could not find an open case. 


But when tries to respond to this it was bounced back. 
On 11/8 was the last attempt to resolve this file upload (I had originally done on 10/14 before it went into prearbitration) where both times the specialist used a file exchange back end to upload my merchant explanation, and in this case also a time/dated screenshot from resolution center. He escalated this as well. And said that he places extensive notes that on both times I did not meet deadline requirements bc of internal QB system error in the resolution center. 

Also on 11/8 I used chat to confirm after call, this was in fact uploaded to the case number. And I received information that the case was closed that day- in the clients favor- without rEviewing merchant statement. I demanded that I speak with someone directly, and a supervisor from accounts called me back. 
She (reference number of call :1590377372) said that the case had just been escalated and reopened my the chargeback team. She further escalated case and put in another request for a direct call from the chargeback team. 
She also informed me that my original call to warn QB of this client on 8/26 (1586996286) the support specialist dawn had noted to put on chargeback protection on my account- but this request did not escalate correctly to the chargeback team- so I was not in fact protected, and the money automatically was taken out of my account. 
So this is where we are at. I am still waiting to hear back from the chargeback team. 

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