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Products/Services not populating in invoice

When I make a new invoice, one of my categories in "Products/Services" isn't showing.

When I type it in, the prompt on the right side pops up to create a new Product/Service.

However, when I try to create it, it says that it already exists. 


How do I make the product/service auto-populate? All others are there except for this one.


Thank you!


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Products/Services not populating in invoice

A few browser troubleshooting steps can help you fix this, atslutsky.


Let's refresh your browser first by clicking the Reload option in the upper left-hand corner. You can also press CTRL+F5 to do this. If the item is still not showing in the Products/Services column, I've got more solutions you can try.


Open your QBO using a private or Incognito window and create the invoice there. If the item shows, go back to your previous browser and clear out the cache. Once done, close and reopen the browser to start a new session with QuickBooks. You can also switch to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox to create the invoice.


Please keep me posted with the results. I'll be around to help you more.

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Products/Services not populating in invoice

Hi Sophia,


That didn't help :(

I'm currently using Chrome. Tried refreshing the browser. Tried an incognito window. Tried also using Safari to see if it was the browser itself. None of them worked. 


Took a screenshot from Safari. You can see in the "Products/Services" dropdown that the "Expenses" category that I created doesn't exist. 

QuickBooks Team

Products/Services not populating in invoice

Hello again, atslutsky,


Thank you for taking the time to let me know the steps that you've taken to resolve the Product/Services not populating in invoice. I'd be glad to assist you with making the needed invoices and getting you back to business.


Just to confirm, do you see the Expenses item on your List of Products and Services? Additionally, it would be good to search for items that have been made inactive to see if a product or service is sharing the name. Here's how:


Select the Gear icon.
Click Products and Services.
Select the Funnel icon and change the Status to All.


This will display all of the products and services that are listed in your QuickBooks Online account. If you see that Expenses is there and has been inactive, you can change it to active by selecting Mark active to the right. 


The following is a brief video to serve as a visual guide:




I'm including an article with additional insight on this: Remove or Merge a Product or Service.


Please let me know if I can be of additional assistance. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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