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Intuit Online PROJECTS have "In Progress" "Completed" "Canceled". The ESTIMATE has "Closed" "Pending" "Rejected" "Accepted". How are those connected?


If you select something in the estimate does it change it in the project. Is "In Progress" the Same as "Accepted" and is "Cancelled" the same as "Closed". Also can you edit the order which the projects show up in the list. Is it alphabetical? It might make more sense if it was by whats most recently imputed?

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Let me give you a little background first. 


Projects are linked to customers.  Example:  You have Bob as a customer.  You want to track the different work you do on Bob’s house renovation as separate projects.  You create a project called “Bathroom” and a project called “Back Deck”.  Both these projects are linked to your 1 customer, Bob.  The projects are just for grouping and tracking purposes.  You still have to create transactions and assign them for the specific project if you want those details associated with the project.


You can assign estimates to customers or individual projects for that customer.


Statuses for Estimate:

Pending: You have created the estimate and are waiting on approval/acceptence from your customer


Accepted: You have gotten approval from your customer and can start creating invoices from the estimate. (If you create an invoice without changing status to accepted, it will auto change it to accepted once you create the invoice)


Closed: You have fully billed and created an invoice for everything on the estimate


Rejected: You can set this status for tracking estimates that have been rejected by your customer.


Somethings to keep in mind


Once you create the last invoice for the estimate and it closes the estimate, even if you edit the estimate and re-save it, it will not re-open the estimate automatically and allow you to create another invoice from it. You have to manually change the status from Closed to Accepted and then you can create another invoice from that estimate.


Same thing for an estimate you mark as rejected.  In rejected state, you cannot create an invoice.  You have to manually change the status to Pending or Accepted in order to create an invoice from it.


The order of the projects is alphabetical and no option to change it.  If you have projects that start with numbers, it will show the number titled once first and then the ones that have letter for titles.  You CAN filter which projects to show you though.  In Progress, Completed, etc.

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