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Quickbooks 2019 for Mac - Unable to restore from backup

I need to open a file version that is between 2 and 24 hours older than my current file (there's now some reconcile error in a register history that I don't know now to resolve).


QuickBooks 2019 for Mac, Version V18.0.5 R6, under Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6


I am finding that each time I attempt to open the (filename).qb2019, I see an error dialogue pop up : 'The document "(filename).qb2019" could not be opened'.


The originally stored backup file looks like this : (filename).qb2019-19-06-23-10h19m25s.dmg (from folder called Backup Files)


Double-clicking on it mounts a volume in Finder with same filename


The volume contains 2 files : Restore Instructions.pdf, and (filename).qb2019


And that's where the process ends. It is not possible to go any further. I can try double-clicking on this qb2019 file, or I can try browsing to it from the Quickbooks navigation window. In either case, the same error message results.


Does anyone have any guidance on how to proceed?






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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks 2019 for Mac - Unable to restore from backup

Hello, @Grant001.


You can restore a backup of the file that you're trying to open. This will allow you open the file using some of the steps you've already went through. The steps below will show you how:


  1. Double-click the back up file to open the new window that shows a copy of your company file. 
  2. Then you'll want to drag the copy of your company file to the folder where you keep your QuickBooks company.
    • Tip: If you have an existing company file and you don't want to overwrite it, you can move the backup copy to a separate folder.
  3. Open your QuickBooks for Mac.
  4. Select Browse, go to the folder where you saved the copy of the company file, and click on the file to Open it.
  5. A prompt will let you know that you are opening a backup file. Press Continue.
  6. Enter a name for the company file and push Save.
  7. Hit OK.


Now you'll be able to open your backup file and use it like normal.


Please let me know if this gets you back to business. I'll keep an eye out for your response.

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