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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I too had a very similar issue in February 2021 and the Risk Management Case worker closed my merchant services account on March 1, 2021 with no explanation. Usually you would get an email with an explanation letter of what is needed with a case number or why the account and case is being closed.  I have yet to receive any of that. I would definitely like to speak with someone at a management or higher level regarding the incident.  The person that handled the case was very rude and nasty.  It bothered me so bad that I called back in to file a complaint and it was noted by someone else I spoke with when I called back in later.  All of a sudden, My merchant account was cancelled without warning, and they could not tell me why.  There was NO documentation in the case or my file as to why.  The only person that could make the decision but the risk person that had my case.  I feel this is in retaliation for my original complaint that was documented in my other case I had opened for a processing question to merchant services.

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QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Hi BMT1!


That's not what we want you to experience. Let me help you get the right person regarding this complaint.


One possible reason why QuickBooks Payments will be closed is due to unacceptable business types. Know the list of prohibited business types here. It could also be that there is a detected high-risk activity on the account.

In addition, this needs to be investigated. As much as I want to check this, we only have limited access for security purposes. I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Payments Risk Care Team through this link: They will take care of your complaint regarding how our Support Team handled this case.


I'll also take note of your experience to improve our services. If you have more concerns, just reply to this thread.

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I also had issues on Friday, March 5 with 5 different crazy unexplainable (some items) occurrences. After hours on the phone, I was locked out of my online account over the weekend. Crazy.  Paid items are showing on on AP that were paid last year, a QB support person telling me on the phone last week that the PR taxes would not be paid (due to a client having cash flow issues due to COVID) then the taxes coming out of the client's account anyway that were already scheduled. QB needs help. My client is ready to drop me and QB online. Now the client is being charged $100 for overdraft fees from QB because their payroll tax payment went through. Urgh. We are upset with QB. I have been using QB since only Quicken was their only product. We never had problems like any of this with Desktop Version. The Online Version needs to pay better attention to their programs.

Jeanne Veer
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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

My merchant services account was hacked!  Hackers got into no other intuit services I have and/or banking therefore per my IT guy and hosting service who checked history; it was INTUIT Merchant Services that was actually hacked.

Hackers changed my business bank account and telephone number; they did not change my email.  I have 2 step verification so did see strange things happening but couldn't tell where it was related. 

I received an email stating there was $9,386 deposit going INTO my account. 

I received a second email with case number stating the next large deposit was in review.  I replied to email that it was fraud; to include bank transactions for month to show money NEVER went into my account that was showing in $9K batch.  No response back or contact from INTUIT as promised.

I logged into merchant services and saw fraudulent e-check batches with detail and contacted fraud department. 

Person in fraud told me change password, telephone, account from fraudulent account back to mine........which I did! I was assured they would trace to originator account and I WOULD NOT BE AFFECTED!!!

In addition, I have been on the phone no less that 18 hours with various support persons for correction and or update trying to make sure the total of fraud batches -$23K did not hit my bank account.

One person told be to let money go into my account and then just give it back.  I thought that was ridiculous; I had NO clue where money came from to return it. 

A second person told me I'd just have to let it all ride out; end of chat. (Yes, he cut off chat!)

Third person guaranteed the money would be zapped from originator account.

Fourth person made sure account was secure.

Fifth, Sixth, Seventh.... worthless and NO knowledge!!!

This morning my account was zapped for a reversal of over $7K on those fraudulent checks and my merchant account is closed.

Funds actually due to me are gone also - "withheld"!!! 

Again, I call merchant services fraud department to be told it's my tough luck per their written agreement. I agreed to be responsible for any bad checks.  YES, I agreed to be responsible for any bad checks of my own doing, NOT fraud on their end!

How in God's green earth can this be my fault?  INTUIT was hacked, I reported it as soon as I knew; they did not trace the fraud echecks to originator bank account used; I supplied them with documentation on my own account to prove money never deposited into it........ and it's my fault??? 

Headed to attorney now to see what can be done!


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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint



I'd love to know how you made out with the attorney. I have a slightly different situation with Intuit merchant services right now and am getting nowhere. I've been on the phone for hours and hours trying to resolve a problem that was created by Intuit. My next step would be to contact their legal department. Have you had any luck going that route?

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I have transactions being withheld ,not deposited into my bank for over 30 days,under review no response from you

Phone number given a joke,online associate said someone would call me . 2 weeks no ???

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

That's not what we want you to experience, @Qwch2o


Thank you for posting here in the Community. I'm here to lend a hand with any questions you may have concerning QuickBooks. 


It is very important to know what was the payment all about and why it cost that much. With that being said, I recommend contacting our Payments Support team. They can check on your account's charges and provide you with a precise explanation of why it cost that much.


When you're having issues with reaching them through the phone because your QuickBooks accounts weren't linked to Merchant Services, you can reference these articles to link the Merchant Services account to QuickBooks:


Once done, you can call them on the phone. You can also unlink the account once you have reached them and resolve your concern with Merchant Services.


Additionally, you can reference this article for a list of articles that you can read on Merchant Services frequently ask questions like funding status and managing payments account: QuickBooks Payments FAQ.


If you have other concerns, please don't hesitate to place a comment. I'm ready to help you anytime. Stay safe!

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Your system has a problem. 

This is the second time this happens to me. 

I get an email for a chargeback on a (closed) holiday Days after the time frame has been closed and when i go into the chargeback. I cannot upload a rebuttle since it has been closed. They said that they sent a previous email on 6/24/22 but it was not received. I tried to have them reopen the case they said they cannot and suggested I contact the customers issuing bank. I called them and they said since we do not have a merchant account with them we cannot do anything. That bank suggested we contact the credit card brand (Visa) they said that they do not get involved in the matters of merchant services and that intuit would be the only ones that can help. So here I am 9 hours later frustrated and without recorse because i am told that the only people that can help me wont. When I spoke to multiple customer experience in the payment department they told me it is up to risk management but that I could not contact them directly they may reach back within a couple days via phone or email. (I had the same story last time and never received any contact) I am so frustrated since i spent many hours to first figure out why i could not update my case. With multiple phone agents that just loose the call and dont call you back. Multiple chat agents that give you false information to go chase after the issuing bank directly. Lost chats that disconnected the chat when tried to remote in your system to see why you cant upload your rebuttle. Tried contacting US agent thinking maybe it would be better maybe the other agents from a foreigh call center could not understand the case to be told they can only send me to another general call center for merchant services. We have been with Intuit / quickbooks desktop enterprise for over 20 years at an average of 5K a year (over 6K this year) That means we invested over 100K in this software company plus all of these processing fees but we get run arounds the few times we need assistance.


Email received : 

From: Intuit Payments [mailto:[email address removed]]
Sent: Monday, July 4, 2022 12:58 PM
To: [email address removed]
Subject: Dispute Pre-Arbitration Final Notice


One of your customers is questioning a charge, and their bank needs info from you. We sent you an email on 06/24/2022 to let you know, but haven’t heard back from you.

This is your last chance to respond. If you don’t, you may not be able to challenge.

What you need to know

• Case number: XXXXXXX

• Respond By: 07/01/2022

• Transaction date: 05/23/2022
• Transaction amount: XXXXX
• Cardholder number: XXXXX******XXXX

• Dispute reason: Merchandise/Services Not Received (Collaboration)


What you need to do

If you know this customer, you’re welcome to contact them. But you still must respond by 07/01/2022.

1. Write and sign a letter of explanation that addresses the bank’s response and gather the most recent copies of all related documents that support your explanation.

2. Please Click Here to upload your documents

Once we get your info, we’ll send it to your customer’s bank. If they need anything else, we’ll let you know.

You can also read our Chargebacks FAQ to learn more about how these types of requests work.


  1. How can you first fix your process and not get the emails sent late when they are already closed. 
  2. Can you have a dedicated US agent that can help with merchant services issues. (i have other merchant accounts and if i have a problem i contact them and  they help facilitate or advocate for me) Why can i not get this with intuit merchant service.
  3. Calling in and having to verify the account over and over a (20min process) if your call or chat is dropped, their should be a normal process for the agent to call you or email you back if the call or chat is lost. 
  4. When you guys offer a responce to a customer you should have tried the method you are suggesting because 3/4 of the time it does not lead where you say it will. Again more frustration.

QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I appreciate you taking the time letting us know about this chargeback concern you have.


Not getting the help you needed from our support can be really troublesome and time consuming. It is our main goal to help you with whatever issues you have while using our services.


We've reviewed and checked your cases and found that our team already sent out an email with the details of the chargeback and how to resolve it. You might want to double-check on it and if you have other questions please feel free to comment them here.


Also, when contacting our support, it is best to ask for a case number. This is a unique ID created by our representative for documentation purposes. Using that case ID, any agent who will receive your call will be able to pull up your contact history, including the name of the last person you've talked to. Also, all our call and chat channels are recorded, so they can look up your interaction easily. We also want you to know that you can request for a supervisor on set of the call if you have complaints about our support and your contact experience.


I'll be right here if you have other things to ask about this topic or other things about the program. Update this thread or mention me anytime.

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Quickbooks is the worst company in this universe! Multiple times they withheld my money for no apparent reason. They have inexperience representatives they use to divert the issues. They withheld approximately $30,000.00 three years ago. It took several weeks for them to release this money. I had to involve my attorney to expedite the matter. If not, it would have taken longer. Three years later, I decided to try them again (biggest mistake of my life) and I am having the same problem. I received a confirmation my client sent the money and it was received by Intuit. No problem with my bank, no problems with money from my client. Money still not received from Intuit. My phone calls are diverted to a representative that knows nothing and cannot contact anyone. She tells me she's going to escalate the matter, again. I cannot get in contact with the risk management department, no phone number, etc., I now have to again involve my attorney.


This has to be the most incompetent company I have ever dealt with. Please stay away from this company like the plague!



Still waiting for my dam money

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I am still having problems getting them to change my phone number with all these case numbers and pin numbers and information the requesting basically the same information every other day and they refuse to change the phone number today they actually told me that they approved it and then sent me an email 20 minutes later telling me that they can't do it because they can't see the outline of my photo ID that I've sent to them nine times so I resent it and they went home for the day and haven't had a chance to look at it again what happens if you close your account you have money there I mean I'm assuming they just keep it anyway right

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint



August 22, 2022 Payroll was ran twice. Duplicated. We noticed immediately and called my bank to put an ACH stop on one of each paycheck so it would be correct. I then called QB and let them know immediately so they could pull back a check from each person. They stated that I owed them $15,000 for the duplicate payroll. I told them that it was there issue and so a collections person called me at the same time and asked for $15,000 and I told her the same thing. YOU DID IT, get the money back yourself. She put me on hold and said ok you are right we will ach pull back from the employees let them know... so I did. Yesterday Aug 31st we noticed a hold on our payroll. I called and they said the only way to remove the hold is to send us $15,000... so I DID! Today is Sept 1st and I am trying to do payroll but there is still a hold on my account but they need to verify that there is not an ACH block. THERE WAS NEVER AN ACH BLOCK. NOBODY WILL LET ME TALK TO COLLECTIONS OR RISK AND HAVE BEEN conveniently DISCONNECTED 3 TIMES TODAY. I am moving softwares as soon as Quickbooks gives me back my $15,000! 


QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I know this hasn't been easy for you, JessieBSMI.


I understand the importance of processing your payroll on time, and I know how you feel, especially since you contacted support as soon as you noticed that payroll had been run twice.


I've shared your issue with someone on that team, and they've lifted the hold on your account. You should be good to go and be able to complete your payroll.


If you encounter the same issue, please let us know and reply to this thread. We're delighted to assist you once more.

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Been waiting 40+ days to get my payments processinf account resolved. Was forced by quickbooks to refund the customer and as a result I incurred transaction fees totaling $2800. I literally join instant chats everyday and ask for updates and always i am provided with the same answer "2-3 days should receive an email" I NEVER RECEIVE AN EMAIL AND NEVER DO I HAVE A RESOLUTION. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO DIFFICULT? 


QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I can imagine what you're going through, @RTC2022.


We've looked into your case, and we can see that it's already being handled by the right team. Rest assured that we'll also submit a request so that someone will conduct further investigation and make sure things are moving along. This way, you can get your payments processed in no time.


Once everything is all set, you may also want to check out one of our Help pages as your reference to guide you in managing your payment transactions in QuickBooks Payments: QuickBooks Learn and Support. It includes help articles, Community discussions with other users, and video tutorials, to name a few.


Let me know if you have other payment concerns or questions about managing invoices and income transactions in QuickBooks Payments. I'm always here to help. Take care, and I wish you continued success, @RTC2022.

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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Wow. Just Wow. This issue isnt being resolved, it is now 45 days and counting. Was informed someone from risk would be handling the Secondary Approval needed to reverse transactions fees and to get the account unlocked. Can you please help me with this? 

Skemaddox INC
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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

I have called quickbooks about 12 times - each time I have been on the call for over an hour and a half up to 4.5 hrs on one occasion. All because Quickbooks refuses to return a failed transaction in the amount of $2230.00 initiated on Nov 17th. 

I was told I would be contacted multiple times by phone and email and has not recieved my funds or any answers what so ever.

This company is STEALING from people!! 

My case number -1591534350

I have spoken to the risk dept who actually hung up on me twice! I am happy to contact a lawyer and sue quickbooks. I am sure we could get a class action lawsuit against this company, seeing the hundreds of reddit threads about how much they steal! 

I would like to just get MY money back. 

QuickBooks Team

QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Hi there, @Skemaddox INC


I heard your sentiments and want to make it up to you by directing you to the right direction for help.


Since you mentioned above that you’ve been on the phone with a representative, we’ll also take note of that experience to share with the team and put an action into it. This also helps us improve our way of delivering a resolution to our valued customers. 


On the other hand, since the Community is a public forum, I suggest contacting our Technical Support team again for further assistance. They can pull up your account information in a secure environment, and the Merchant Services Team are the only ones that can discuss account closures like this one.


Here’s how to get in touch with them:


  1. Go to the (?) Help icon in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.
  2. Select the Search tab, and click Contact Us.
  3. Enter a brief discussion of your concern and click Continue.
  4. Select either Chat with us (if you preferred messaging) or Give us a call.


Please ensure to review their support hours to know when agents are available. This way, you can contact them at a time that is convenient for you.


You can always hit the Reply button if you have further questions in mind regarding QuickBooks. I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Stay safe!

Skemaddox INC
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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

wow. This is wildly unhelpful. I have contacted Quickbooks multiple times and they have never once returned my money. Instead they have stolen it. I have never received a follow up call or email in regards to my concerns. Feel free to return my money
Level 2

QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

Hello Ymondragon:


I am having the same problem with QuickBooks. They are holding over 20K from customer's paid funds. Were you able to resolve it peacefully? Did you have to involve a lawyer? Can you share the lawyer's information? We are getting ready to commence legal action against QuickBooks. Thank you.

Shannon edwards
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QuickBooks Merchant Services (Risk Management) Formal Complaint

This platform is racist as well I believe lady on the phone told we need your ID which I sent over again due to the fact she said that all they needed so funds can be released after she saw license stated question me what kinda business you have etc.... never released funds still Goin back an forth with them about funds they steal money have your business sinking do not ever use this platform STAY AWAY 

Need to get in touch?

Contact us