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Roundtripping from Mac to Windows

I have Quickbooks 2016 for Mac, and I want to move to Quickbooks on a PC (mainly because I'm tired of the costly upgrades every few years on Mac). However, the version I have on our PC is Quickbooks Pro 2017; I never had Quickbooks 2016 on the PC. According to the restrictions listed in the instructions for moving a file from Mac to PC, I cannot make this work because the versions don't match. Is there another way to bring my data from Mac to PC without having to buy a new version either for the PC or the Mac?

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Roundtripping from Mac to Windows

Using the PC version does not preclude the every 3 years upgrade for about $200 to stay current and up to date, so that is not your real reason.


When you create a *.qbb backup file from your Mac 2016 it is a PC 2016 file. There is no logical reason that it cannot be restored into QBPC2017 since if it were created from QBPC2016 or even earlier it could be restored as well into QBPC2017.


It certainly will cost you nothing to try. But all is not lost. Your tax CPA probably has QB2016 installed and could restore into that and once you have a good working 2016 for PC company file it is a simple matter of just opening it in 2017.


If you do not have a CPA you can search for a ProAdvisor near you.

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Roundtripping from Mac to Windows

The same year version is regarding round tripping the file. QB Windows will open the file, you may not be able to send the file back to QB Mac once opened in QB Windows.

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