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Vendors bills

How do I put multiple invoices under the same vendor?

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Vendors bills

Hello there, @147.


Just to make sure I have your concern correctly. Do you mean creating several bills under the same vendor name? If so, QuickBooks Online allow us to make a bill and assign it to a specific vendor. Here's how:


  1. Go to the + New button.
  2. Select Bill. Once the Bill page is opened, select a vendor.
  3. Enter the Bill dateDue date, and Bill no. and other details needed.
  4. Enter the bill details in the Category details section. From the Category dropdown, select the expense account you use to track expense transactions. Then enter a description. Tip: You can also enter specific products and services in the Item details section to itemize the bill.
  5. Enter the Amount and tax.
  6. If you plan to bill a customer for the expense, select the Billable checkbox and enter their name in the Customer field. 
  7. Click Save and close.


Once done, repeat the same steps above to create another bill associated with the same vendor. Note: Make sure to select the same name.


If you mean about billing your customer for an expense, you can enter billable expenses. First, turn on the Billable expense feature. 


  1. Go to the Gear icon and select Account and settings.
  2. In the Expenses tab, select Edit from the Bills and expenses section.
  3. Turn on the following: Show Items table on expense and purchase forms, Track expenses and items by customer, and Make expenses and items billable.
  4. Click Save. Then, Done.


Then, create a bill and elect the Billable checkbox. In the Customer column, make sure to choose the customer you want to bill for this expense.


Once done, create an invoice and select the name of your customer you used when creating a bill. This opens the Add to invoice window. Click Add.


I'm attaching these articles for future reference:



If you're referring to something else, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'd be happy to provide more details about your follow-up questions. Take care and stay safe, 147.


Vendors bills

Hi 147,

Hope you’re doing great. I wanted to see how everything is going about assigning a multiple invoices under the same vendor in QuickBooks Online. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help or clarification? If you do, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you at anytime.

Looking forward to your reply. Have a pleasant day ahead!

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