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Why am I not seeing a tab to add a second accountant email address?

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"IntuitMemere" (note: no “Allstar” or Intuit employee bad...

"lexiesmemere114" (note: no “Allstar” or Intuit employee badge after the name) (but they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!) is a scammer (NOT me and not Intuit), do NOT respond!  (The real Intuit does not post phone numbers, just links.)

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Re: Why am I not seeing a tab to add a second accountant email address?

Hey @boldbbq,


Welcome to the Community. I'd be glad to assist you with adding a second accountant. 


First, I'd like to take a quick moment and thank @Lexiesmemere for letting you know that the person wasn't associated with Intuit.


There are currently two Manage Users screens in QuickBooks Online. You can check this by seeing if your URL ends on usermgt or legacyusermgt when on the Manage Users screen. 


If it ends in usermgt, you're using the new interface and there should be an Accountants tab at the top. Since you've already invited an accountant, you would select Invite accountant on the Accountants tab, enter their information and choose Save. The following are a couple of screenshot to serve as a visual example:




Should the url end in legacyusermgt, you're using the old interface and would select Invite Accountant under Accounting Firms, fill out the information and click Save. I've included a screenshot of this for you:



For additional information on this, including how to remove an Accountant user, please see the attached article: How To Add Or Remove An Accountant User.

Once you've verified which one you're using, I would recommend confirming that your options match the included screenshots. If they look different or the Invite accountant button is missing, it would be good to clear your browser's cache. Temporary internet files and cache are stored to speed up loading times, but too much can accumulate and interfere with processes. I'm including an article that covers this and contains steps for it: Delete Or Disable Cache And Temporary Internet Files In Your Web Browser.


That'll do it. I'm confident that this will help to get you on the right track for adding a second accountant.


As always, let me know if you need anything. Wishing you well.

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