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Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

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Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

Hello @ginman:


Here is what I do.


  1. Click the update button.  You may have to do this several times.
  2. Disconnect/Reconnect.  Be sure to clear out the feed before you do this and download any hanging transactions
  3. Go to the bank's website and download the .qbo or .csv file.  Import that.
  4. Try to click update again in a few days (sometimes it fixes itself).
  5. Contact Intuit and put in a support ticket, if all of the above suggestions fail.

I usually am able to get the connection going again with just #1.  Bank feeds stop working all the time.  My friend, Matthew @ParkwayInc, is the guru on bank feeds.  He knows them inside and out.  He explained how they become broken and how they work.  If a bank changes where things are on their website, then the developers have to re-map the connection to QBO.  It can be a never ending battle for them.  Think of all the bank's QBO connects to.  


I hope that helps.  If not, feel free to ask more questions or post back if the suggestions worked!  :)



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Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

Hi ginman,


Could you please provide a bit more information so we can try to help? Such as which banks are no longer working?


If you are experiencing issues with one of the "MAJOR BANKS" 

  • Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Capital One

this is most likely due to Intuit's updates to the way they connect to the banking information.  Most bank feed connections on the market today utilize screen scraping technology and Intuit has been working diligently to work with the larger financial institutions to implement direct API connections instead.


Think of Screen Scraping like going in the front door of a website with a user name and a password and then tricking the computer to think a human is controlling the mouse clicks.  The new API method is more like having a dedicated cable line running into your home to provide you access to the information you are registered to have.


What I would recommend is to try to disconnect the bank feed that you had connected previously, make sure that you have accepted all transactions and your pending screen is empty, and then reconnect the feed by entering the login credentials again.  IF YOUR BANK IS ONE OF THE UPDATED BANKS, it will require the admin of the bank account to be the one to make the connections between QuickBooks Online and the financial institution. Even authorized users may not have the proper permission levels to reconnect!


If you are still having problems, reach out here or within our Facebook Group and I would be happy to discuss your specific details!


Matthew "The Bank Memo Master" Fulton

QBCommunityLive | Vendorsync


THanks @lynda



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Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

Maybe I am asking a different question.  But here goes:


I just updated to QB Pro Desktop 2019.  For two days I was getting errors trying to download and send checks with Wells Fargo Bank.

Because I am the bookkeeper, and not the signer on the account, and the client was not available to talk to the bank, I tried a few tricks I have used before.

1)  I made sure that QB was updated.

2)  I deleted the bank feed and then tried to set it back up.  I received an error saying "There is a problem with your login.  Please try again."  I KNOW I used the correct login.  I tried it to access the online banking to make sure and had no issue.  

I have two QB files for this client.  The other one I had not updated to 2019 yet and had no problem connecting to Wells Fargo (same login) and downloaded up sent payments.


Is my issue the same/similar?


Thank you.


Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

You've tried the right steps to fix the banking issue, Marie1.


I've checked our reported issues and I didn't find anything related to the Wells Fargo bank. Since you've exhausted all of your resources to resolve the error, I'd now suggest reaching out to us. 


We can check why this issue occurs on that file and not on the other one where you connect the same account. This way, we can figure out the solution and fix the error for you.


To get our contact number:

  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Press F1 on your keyboard.
  3. On the Have a Question window, click the Contact us link below.
  4. On the Contact Us page, click the Running Your Business in QuickBooks topic.
  5. Select the Basic, Standard, or Enhanced Payroll sub-topic.
  6. Scroll down and click the Start a Message or Contact Us button.

I'm always around if you need anything else. Thanks for dropping by.

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Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

I have figured it out.  When trying to re-set up the checking account for online banking you are asked to enter your bank and then your log in and password you use for online access.  This kept saying "There is a problem with your login.  Please try again."  Finally - I clicked on a link regarding more information (in very small print).  And found out that I needed to go to!!!!    I did so, and was able to get set up.


My question - why would the error say "There is a problem with your log in - Try again" Instead of "please go to"???  I spent a full day trying to figure out why my log in was not being accepted!


VERY frustrating!



Bank accounts used to sync but no longer do. Any ideas on what to do?

Thanks for getting back to us, @Marie1.


I'm happy to know that you already fixed the issue. Also, I appreciate you sharing the steps you've done to get this working. Posting your experience here in the Community will help other customers to use this as an additional solution if they get the same error.​


On the other hand, since QuickBooks handles multiple Financial Institutions (FI), the system can't detect any specific error coming from a respective bank. If you'll still encounter errors like this, we highly suggest visiting your bank first to check if there are any updates on their end.


Just in case, you can also check out this article for future reference: Get started with Bank Feeds for QuickBooks Desktop.


Let me thank you for being a part of our QuickBooks family. Please post again or leave a comment below if you have any follow-up questions. I'll be here to help you out. Take care and have a good one!

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