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Bank Feed transaction list

I'm getting frustrated with the Transaction List from Bank Feeds. The Transaction List is very difficult to use, and I don't think it should be. My issues are:

1. Various transactions randomly "check" themselves which makes it dangerous to use the Batch Actions option. I like to work with subsets of transactions, assign accounts and classes, then Batch approve that set. Auto matched transactions PLUS some, random "Changed according to rules" AS WELL AS some "Need review" transactions will check themselves - even when I go through and uncheck them all - if I scroll up and down they'll just be re-checked. Someone else asked this exact same question and you all just touted the Auto Match function (which is annoying in itself) - but it's not just Auto Matched transactions that re-check themselves. If I can't reliably check or uncheck transactions - and have them stay that way - then the Batch Actions function is too dangerous for me to use.

2. I've tried checking the box up in the column heading area, which should toggle all transactions as either checked or unchecked. However, it's impossible to make them all be unchecked using that functionality, because random transactions will just re-check themselves as I scroll up or down the list.

3. Transactions that are incorrectly auto-matched don't let me assign a class. Very often it makes an Auto Match based on nothing more than the amount being the same as some previous transaction - account is different, payee is different, date may be in an different year - this is more of a hassle than it's worth. Is there a way to just TURN AUTO-MATCH OFF???

4. If I try to tell an Auto-Matched transaction that it's not a match, it just brings up another one to Auto Match, then another one, then another... TURNING AUTO MATCH OFF would save me a lot of time!

5. When I approve an individual transaction, it throws me back to the top of the list, even though I might have several transactions I've just categorized that I'd like to approve. I have to scroll back down through the list, do the next one, get thrown back to the top, scroll down again... takes up a lot of time.


I like to use the bank feed Transaction List as a starting point but without being able to control which transactions will remain checked (or unchecked), and with the weird way it keeps hopping around, it's VERY frustrating - as you can probably tell.


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QuickBooks Team

Bank Feed transaction list

I appreciate the details you've provided to us, @TonyH1.


QuickBooks matches transactions you've entered into the system with the downloaded ones.


Currently, we're unable to turn off the auto-match feature in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) bank feeds. You may want to click on Not a match to find other records.


Here's how:

  1. Set the STATUS to All and TYPE to DEP.
  2. Check in the boxes under STATUS.
  3. Choose Not a match in the drop-down list▼ under the ACTION column.

This way, you can now proceed to the next step without unmatching the transaction again.


You can check this article to provide you more details: Add and match Bank Feed transactions.


Feel free to visit this article for any bank questions: Banking.


Let me know if you have other questions about banking. I'm always here to help.

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Bank Feed transaction list

Hi Maybelle,


Thanks for your partial response, glad you're here to help. So, the Auto-match function that doesn't work in any meaningful way (since it will create a match from nothing more than the fact that the amount is the same - EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT ABOUT THE TRANSACTIONS!) can't be turned off. Good to know!


How about the several other issues I asked about in my original post?




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