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Bank Feeds - Error reading QBO file

ERROR Msg: QuickBooks is unable to verify the Financial Institution information for this download or "OL-222" when attempting to import a webconnect file downloaded.


I have been trying all week to download Quickbooks Web Connect files from Pinnacle.  I have never had a problem before.  I keep getting this error message.


I called Pinnacle and they were no help.  

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QuickBooks Team

Bank Feeds - Error reading QBO file

Hello, Krismaz. 


Error: OL-222 indicates that QuickBooks didn't receive a valid response from the financial institution's server. This is often caused by one or more characters in the .QBO file that aren't complaint with the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) standard for exchanging financial data with QuickBooks. 

It may also happen if the downloaded .qbo file is formatted incorrectly and needs to be fixed by the financial institution.  


Update to the latest release:

  1. Update your QuickBooks to the latest release.

  2. Back up the QuickBooks company file

  3. Import the .qbo file again. 

Correct invalid formatting:


An example of invalid characters would be &. By simply editing the .qbo file in Text Edit and removing all instances of this, it can allow QuickBooks to properly import the file.


If there are formatting issues, contact the financial institution for assistance. The financial institution provides the .qbo file download, and they need to be made aware of this. QuickBooks follows a set of OFX guidelines set by the OFX Consortium. If a financial institution doesn't adhere to these guidelines, QuickBooks won't be able to import those .qbo file downloads.


Download a new FIDIR.txt file:


Make a backup of your company file before performing this solution. Note that QuickBooks needs to be closed while performing these steps:

  1. Hold the Control key and select the version of QuickBooks for Mac you're using to download the correct file. Download QuickBooks and choose Download Linked File As, then save it to the Desktop.
  2. Move the old FIDIR.txt to the Trash and empty it.
    - FIDR # 1
       -Press the Option key and from the Finder menu bar, select Go > Library.
       -Browse the Download folder (Application Support/ after opening the users Library folder.
       -Drag FIDIR.txt to the Trash.
       -Empty the Trash.

    -FIDR # 2
       -From the top menu bar, choose Go > Applications.
       -Press the Control key then select QuickBooks 20XX.
       -In the contextual menu, select Show Package Contents.
       -In the new window that opens, double-click the Contents folder.
       -Open the Resources folder.
       -Find the "FIDIR.txt" file and drag it to the Trash.
       -Empty the Trash.
  3. Copy and Paste the new FIDIR.txt file that you saved on the Desktop into both the Resources and Downloads folder in Step 2.
  4. Import the .qbo file.

You can find this information and more at the following article: Error: OL-222 after downloading a Web Connect file from an approved bank

If you're still experiencing issues, or need further guidance, feel free to post below. 


Thanks for your time and have a lovely evening. 

Community Champion

Bank Feeds - Error reading QBO file

What version of QuickBooks are you using?  If 2017 (Enterprise 17.0) or older this will happen because Intuit has disabled QuickBooks as part of "sunsetting" it, to get you to upgrade.

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