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Bank Feeds Rules For Dates

When importing a bank feed it appears that the feed data is overwriting and changing the date on items already logged into Quickbooks.  I want to be able to set a rule that if a transaction is matched it doesn't overwrite the date on the manually entered transaction.   I can't see how to do this?  I am using Desktop Pro 2017.   When importing it would be nice to see the two transactions that are being matched up and changed to compare each view for errors.  Which do happen and cause a lot of wasted time.

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QuickBooks Team

Bank Feeds Rules For Dates

Hello Peterson J,


QuickBooks will use the dates of the transactions in your Bank Feeds since they are the actual dates as to when your funds were deposited or debited from your actual bank account. We're unable to create a rule for this. Also, the change will take effect when you match your transactions. 


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