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Bank rules

I've used rules for years with no issues. We switched banks in January so the rules were no longer working because the description is different from the new bank.  I deleted all the rules and started to form new ones. I also hide the old bank accounts. I used all the same actions I've used in the years past as far as "teaching" the system the new rules. The copy and paste method. In the past I would form the rule and the system would instantly move the bank entries to the correct location. This time it isn't doing anything. So i tried the 3 time method. On the 3rd entry a suggestion for a bank rule came up. I accepted, and it took all my payroll entries and moved them to the same place. This happened because the last 2 words in the description are "BROOKES MARINE," For example, when I copy and paste TAX CO: BROOKES MARINE, or BILLING CO: BROOKES MARINE,  or NET=PAY CO: BROOKES MARINE, for the rule is doesn't work. But when I'm letting the suggestion for the system take over it works but only by using the ending of the description of "BROOKES MARINE". I tried tech support on 2 different occasions for a total of just shy of 4 hours between yesterday and today. I got a lot of "The system can't do that." or "That not an option" or 'We've done updates" and it wasn't until I in real time showed them play by play how 50 transactions all moved at the exact same time (by way of the activity log) did I get an acknowledgement. But that doesn't help me. I've been doing rules the same way for years and now i'm lost. I just want the system to let me make the rules so I can enter all the important data. Such as BILLING CO: BROOKES MARINE and not just BROOKES MARINE. And it isn't just an issue with the payroll service debits. It won't tank and apply any of the rules! This is my first time in 15 years asking for help on this platform so that means i'm getting ZERO useful help from tech support. I'm basically just getting the run around and being told that I have no clue what I'm doing or talking about. I'm at my whits end. I'd love any suggestions! Thank you!

QuickBooks Team

Bank rules

Good day, Jasonpirie.


I understand that you need to set up the bank rules for easier categorization of the transactions.


When creating the rules, I suggest using the Is exactly option. That way, QuickBooks Online will only categorize those transactions that have an exact rule.PNG

Also, it's best to reach out to our Customer Support Team if this behavior persists. That way, they can further investigate and report it if needed. Simply go to the Help button and select Contact us.


I've also added these articles for more details about banking:

Please comment below if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

Level 1

Bank rules



Thank you for the response. As noted in my question, I spent close to 4 hours on with customer support on 2 different calls and we tried all the different option with no avail. I provided 41 different occurrences in a row where the system didn't follow the rule. I started using Quick books Online in 2005 so I have a little experience with it. That's why the frustration. 

QuickBooks Team

Bank rules

Hi @Jasonpirie,


Currently, we have an open case about bank rules not working. I recommend contacting our Customer Care Support so we can add you to the list of affected users.


Here's how to reach out:

  1. Go to (?) Help, then Contact Us.
  2. Enter a brief description of your issue and then Let's talk.
  3. Click Start messaging.

You'll be notified via email whenever there's an update about the case. I'm also sharing our QuickBooks page for additional reference about: Banking and bank feeds.


Please know that we're always here if you need help with anything else. Thanks for posting and have a nice day.

Level 1

Bank rules

Perfect! Great to know I'm not alone. I found a very bizarre situation that I was able to call in with and an investigation has been opened. Thank you for the reply. 

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