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Banking Feed

I have a few clients connecting our Bank Feed through TD Bank.  In January we noticed any purchases made with a Debit Card come through QBO Feed as saying VISA Purchase.  Generally it would say that plus add the Merchant name.  This defeats the purpose of automate bank feed if I have to either upload it or go to the bank site and fill in all the blanks.  I use this same bank with other accounting software programs and am not having this issue!

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Banking Feed

I understand how this bank feed concern impacts your QuickBooks experience, @Norton00.

In QuickBooks Online, every detail from your downloaded transactions comes from your bank. This means QuickBooks only depends on the information shared by your bank.

You can contact your financial institution for assistance. They can provide you information and help this issue resolve.

Once everything is good, you can now categorize and match your online bank transactions in the program. Then, use this reference to ensure your account are balanced and accurate: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.

Please don’t hesitate to add a comment if you have any other concerns or questions about bank feeds. I’d be more than happy to help you. Take care always!

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Banking Feed

I have contacted the bank.


They are saying nothing has changed.  In Quicken all data still flows through just fine, so seems to me this is an QBO issue. 


Banking Feed

Thanks for the update, @Norton00.


As discussed by my colleague above, QuickBooks Online (QBO) only depends on the information that comes from the bank. Since confirmed that there's no issue on your bank's end, I'd highly suggest getting in touch with our Customer Care team. They use specific tools to pull up your account and further investigate what's causes the issue. Let me guide you how:

  1. In your QBO account, click the Gear icon.
  2. Then, select the Assistant tab.
  3. From there, type Talk to a Human.
  4. Next, enter a brief description of your concern.
  5. Then, choose either Get a callback or Start a chat.


To ensure you'll get assisted immediately, please check out our support hour's page.


Meanwhile, you'll want to utilize the Memo field in the transaction to input the correct details for your Debit Card purchases. Also, feel free to open this link for your reference in categorizing your bank transactions: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


Regularly reviewing your accounts in QBO is a good practice to make sure the amounts match your real-life bank and credit card statements. 


Stay in touch if you have any other concerns about fixing your Debit Card transactions. I'll be always here to help. Thanks for dropping by. 

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