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Hey everyone! My name is Jackie Rebman and I am very new to QuickBooks. I take care of the paperwork for my husbands business. (Just started this year!) I'm still trying to get the whole concept down, but I seem to get frustrated very easily.

 I have literally given up so my question I have is that, I have been entering my husbands checking account withdraws, and income manually into the check register. I am having a hard time figuring out if I connect my bank to QuickBooks I will screw everything up! I need help!!!! 

This is all new to me and I don't want to feel like I'm struggling anymore is there anyone out there that can give me some sort of advice? And it's really messing me up because when I bill out all the invoices go into the check register! 

Please help and thank you!!!!!!


QuickBooks Team


Hello there, @patrebmanbusiness.


I can help you check why your invoices are showing on your QuickBooks Desktop check register.


The possible reason it's reflecting on your check register is that the account type of the items selected on that invoice is set up as a Bank. If that's the case, make sure to classify them with their applicable accounts.


Also, transactions are automatically downloaded when your bank is connected with QuickBooks. You can check out this article to learn more about bank feeds: Add and match Bank Feed transactions.


Here's how to classify invoice:

  1. Go to the List menu, then select Item List.
  2. Locate the items that you've selected on that invoice, then double click to Edit.
  3. On the Account drop-down, choose their applicable accounts.
  4. Once done, click OK.

You can also check this article for reference: Add, edit, and delete items.


Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions. I'm always here to help.

Community Champion


Jackie, you can always search for a certified ProAdvisor (like me) that is in your area and could offer some face to face or remote help and would always be close by


I would highly suggest you refrain from connecting your bank account until you have become more comfortable with daily data entry and what happens.


A little ebackground.

Invoice are used to bill customers and items or charges should affect not only an income account but also accounts receivable. When your customers pay you record the payment and best default is it posts to a special account called Undeposited Funds. When you create a Deposit to match what you dis at the real bank you will select the payments to be included.


Bills are used when you buy from Vendors and expect to pay later, usually from a statement


Checks are used when you pay at the time of service and can also be used to record online bill payments


It may take actual "eyes on the ground" so to speak for someone to determine exactly how your invoices to customers are registering in checking but I suspect it may be from the items/services you have set up to bill out

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Hi @patrebmanbusiness 

Accounting/bookkeeping are more than just "paperwork" as many people seem to think, unfortunately.  Even if you have done this work before, every system is different and QB is not as easy as some think so

don't beat yourself up.  QB has expanded over 3 decades time to have features for many business types.  Most people only use certain features as needed. I suggest for any accounting system, for most people, money is well-spent to hire an expert to setup correctly for you and teach you what you need to know. Then from there you have processes to follow and just need to keep following them consistently and if new things come up, contact your advisor to help you setup correctly from the start is SO much easier.  Cost to hire someone to clean-up messes from attempts to wing it can cost you 4x-10 times more later.    My business does this work (for Govt contractors only) for a decade so I have collected data to prove it.  Below I see John Pero has offered to help you and looks like he is a Pro-Advisor so he knows QB.  I do not know him personally to recommend him, but I see him here in this forum helping other people and have not seen him post anything incorrect so far, so he might be a good option to end your frustration on this. Some of my clients are wives of business owners with zero experience, but once trained they do great and who better to trust with your business than someone who has a vested interest in your mutual success?




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Thank you! The nice thing about our business that it's just my husband, which makes it a lot easier. I will take the time and take all the help I received from everyone and put it all into use! Thank you so much for your input.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. I will take all the advice I have gotten and slowly work on it. My husband is the only one who is involved with doing the work of the business so I feel this at least makes it a lot easier. We only work with one main company that he gets all his work through. Again thank you so much for all your advice and help!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to give advice and help. Sometimes I think QuickBooks was a waste of money. I'm usually a paper person, but I think once I get this all understood I'll appreciate it. I have been recommended to a CPA who is local and works with a friend of mine with his business. I think sitting down with someone will actually be the best thing to do, and then I'll have a better understanding once they help. I'm so glad there are all you nice people out there to help people like me with theses types of problems. Again thank all of you guys!!

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