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Connect to PayPal app

Using Connect to PayPal app.  Nov 18 - could not post sales transactions due to 'We were not able to find an expense account to record the PayPal fees for this transaction.  Please go to your PayPal connection settings to set a fees account."  From the banking screen, pencil icon and edit settings is supposed to give me account settings but it does not, looks just like normal bank account screens.  Nov 19 - In trying to resolve QB center had me delete PayPal bank.  Nov 20 - Reestablished Connect to PayPal Bank.  Transactions downloaded and could be recorded.  Nov 21 - Still connected (and works with update button where instructions say it won't), transactions download but PayPal Fee setup error returns.  Nov 29 - QB center had me disconnect from PayPal bank.  Cannot reestablish connection because 'connection already exists'.  QB center is asking me to 'Revoke' API privileges in PayPal but I am not comfortable doing that.  Is that the right solution to re-establish my Connect to PayPal bank in QBO?

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Connect to PayPal app

Glad to see you here in the Community, Dineskd,


I appreciate the things you've tried on your end to get past this issue. All the details you provided will help us narrow things down.


Our Support Team has already implemented a resolution for the unexpected error with the Connect to PayPal app. Since you're still experiencing the same issue, I'd recommend getting in touch with our QuickBooks Online Care Team.


There they can help you open an investigation to identify why you're still unable to post your sales transactions. Also, if you're unable to reconnect your bank, you may follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to Banking at the left pane of the screen.
  2. Select Add Account and then search.
  3. Enter your financial institution's login information on the website and select Continue.
  4. Complete the extra security verification steps.
  5. Select Securely connect.
  6. Choose the bank emblem to the left of the account that you want to connect.
  7. Select the account type drop-down menu to choose the bank or account.
  8. You must choose either a Bank or Credit Card account.
  9. Select +Add new if you don't have an account created yet.
  10. Click Connect.

Please check out this article to know more about connecting your bank account in QBO: How To Add and Connect Bank and Credit Card Accounts


Please keep me in the loop on how this goes, Dineskd. I want to make sure you're taken care of.

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