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Credit Card Paid by Another Business in Error

Company A's credit card was paid from Company B's checking account. 


What's the best way to record this? I have created a Due to/from in both QBD Mac files.

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Credit Card Paid by Another Business in Error

I can help you with recording this credit card payment, @SLMEM.


You can go to that credit card payment to edit that transaction. Since you didn't know to which card and company this payment was made, I suggest reaching out to QuickBooks Desktop for Mac customer support. They can get into your account in a secure environment and help you trace this payment. 


You can follow the steps below on how to reach them:

  1. From your QuickBooks Desktop account, click the Help menu at the top.  
  2. Click the QuickBooks Desktop Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Provide some information about this concern in the search box.
  4. Click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the window. 
  5. You'll now be provided with a few support options.  


Check this article for detailed guidance in reaching out to our Customer Support: Contact QuickBooks Desktop support.


Here's also more information about recording payments made to credit cards: Set up, use, and pay credit card accounts


I'm always here if you need more help in recording your transactions by leaving a reply below. Take care and have a wonderful day!

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Credit Card Paid by Another Business in Error

I think you misunderstood my question.


The business owner has been paying Company A's credit cards from Company B's checking account.


I want to know how I would go about recording that properly.



In Company A's QB (This is the company that the credit card belongs to):

- Write a check payable to the credit card company

- Debit the credit card expense acount

- Credit the Due To/From Company B


In Company B's QB (This is the company that paid Company A's credit card):

- Write a check payable to Company A

- Debit the Due To/From Company A


Does that seem correct?




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