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Jenn J
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Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

There used to be an option to assign an expense to a customer from the "For Review" page of Banking. I am assuming an update was put out, and there is no longer. Now, I have to approve the expense, go to my register and manually update each expense with the correct customer assignment. This will literally add hours of work to my job. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and the option needs to be brought back.

QuickBooks Team

Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

Hello there, @Jenn J.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can help you check why your For Review customers option is missing from the Banking page.


I've tried this on my end and found the customer's option when clicking the transaction. I've also checked to see if we have any reports on other customer's experiencing the same thing and there was no current feedback.

banking page.PNG

With your encountering this error, you can isolate if this maybe caused by QuickBooks unexpected behavior, or some browser issues. To resolve it, I have some troubleshooting steps that should work for you.


First, try using a private browser by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N to see if the issue is caused by an overloaded data in your default browser's cache. If that works, please use a different browser, or clear your regular browser's cache and cookies to refresh your browser and delete files that are affecting the browsing performance.


Before doing so, you need to save necessary information such as login IDs’ and passwords.


This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience. We know how much time it can take when something isn’t working the way you need it to, which is why we make great efforts to deliver customer satisfaction.


Please know that we value your patience while dealing with this concern. Let me know how things go after following the above steps. I'll be on the lookout for your reply and to further assisting you if you have other questions. Wishing you and your business continued 

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Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

I am having the exact same issue and I totally agree this is unacceptable!  

Level 1

Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

I have tried all the steps you suggested and still no customer assignment available for "Review Transactions."  Nearly all of our expenses need to be job costed!  I can not afford to take the time to do 2,3,4 extra steps to assign an expense to a job.  This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  We opted to use this version of quickbooks due to the job costing abilities, which now is unavailable.  Need some answers soon!

Not applicable

Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

Hello everyone.


I'm here to help clarify the issue about the option to assign an expense to a customer in the "For Review" page.


This option will only show if the category is an expense account. Let me show an example:




If the option is still missing after verifying the expense account, I'd suggest performing the following steps:


  1. Go to Gear Icon and select Account and settings. Click the Advanced tab and toggle the drop-down arrow for Billable expense income account.
  2. After you click the Save button, try turning off the Automatically apply bill payments option in the Automation and click Save again.
  3. Click Done then log out of your QuickBooks account.
  4. Log back in and repeat step 1. Make sure to select the correct account for the billable expense.
  5. After clicking the Save button, turn on the Automatically apply bill payments option.
  6. Click Done and go back to the For Review page.

If the issue persists, I'd suggest contacting our Online Care Support so they can access your account in a secure environment and dig deeper into this issue using their helpful tools.


Keep me updated how it goes. I'm always here if you have other questions. Have a good one.

Level 2

Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

Having same problem. Troubleshooting advised did not work. Please advise asap.


Customer assignment missing from Banking > For Review transactions

Hi there, cac37912.


Thanks for joining this thread. I appreciate you performing all the troubleshooting steps provided above.


Though the steps above didn't work, I have another way to resolve this issue with the missing option to assign an expense to a customer. This time, let's make sure you turn on the billable expense option in your QuickBooks Online (QBO). I'd be glad to walk you through the steps below:


Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Account and Settings.
  3. Choose Expenses menu.
  4. Click the Bills and expenses section.
  5. Tick both Track expenses and items by customer’ and Make expenses and items billable.
  6. Click Save.


Here's an article to know more about turning on billable expense: Turn on and enter billable expenses.


That should do it. Keep in touch if you need more help with something else or follow-up questions about assigning customer expense. I'm always here and ready to assist.

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