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Deposit made to same account



I erroneously made a  bank deposit from Account A back into Account A when it should have gone into Account B.  I am trying to reconcile the bank statement with  QuickBooks, showing  the deposit from "A"  into "A"  so that I can check it off  and reissue but it will not allow me to use the same financial accounts on the deposit form.


Any suggestions?  I am a newbie to QuickBooks and this one has me stumped.



QuickBooks Team

Deposit made to same account

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, ohioei.


I'd like to help you with the deposit, but I need more details from it. Did you write a check or created a journal entry to deposit an amount from Account A to Account A?


When recording a bank deposit in QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to select the account (Account A) you want to put the deposit into from the Deposit to drop-down. Then, from the From Account column, choose the account (Account B) where the money is coming from.


Here's a sample screenshot for reference:



To view more details about making deposits in QuickBooks, you can check out this article: Record and make Bank Deposits in QuickBooks Desktop.


i appreciate any details you can provide. Just leave a comment below and I get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Deposit made to same account

Thank you for your response.  


The issue I have is I wrote two checks from Account "A" that were deposited back into Account "A".   So I cannot use a deposit slip showing From Account A to Account A, which is what my bank statement shows.  I was trying to balance my bank statement with the QB entries but the bank statement shows the two written checks and the deposit whereas QB does not.  I have reissued the checks and deposited them into the correct Account "B" but I don't know how to clear the checks/deposit for reconciliation purposes. 


I'm sure there is a simple fix but I just haven't realized it yet.  


Thanks for your help.



QuickBooks Team

Deposit made to same account

Thanks for sharing the detailed information, @ohioei.


Since you're unable to select the same account on a Bank Transfer transaction, you'll want to follow the workaround shared by my colleague. This way, it will post to Account A as what should be on your bank transaction.


You may follow these steps to make a bank deposit:

  1. Go to the Banking menu and then select Bank Deposits.
  2. On the Deposit To drop-down menu, select Account A.
  3. From the From Account column, choose Account B where the money is coming from.
  4. Enter the other necessary information.
  5. Once done, click on Save & Close.


I've included a reference below:



Here's a guide in reconciling your account in QuickBooks Desktop. This helps match your accounts and real-life bank statements: Reconciliation workflow in QuickBooks.


You may also want to consider getting a report for your previous reconciliations. This way, you can easily review your past reconciliations to keep your books accurate.


Feel free to let us know if you have other QuickBooks questions. The Community Team is always around to help. Keep safe.

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