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Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

I have a deposit that shows in customer check register but does not appear in the reconcile screen, so I cannot reconcile.

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Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

First confirm the deposit shows in your bank register and in the reconcile window confirm you are showing all dates.

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Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

I'm having the same issue (using Quickbooks for Mac 2019).  The check is entered in the register but doesn't show in the reconcile window.  The check was written in February, but not cashed until March.  How can I get it to show without effecting the beginning balance?


Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Hello there, @AliciaW!


Let me step in for a moment and display all your check in the reconciliation page.


You'll have to make sure that the Statement date is the same as the date of your bank statement. In addition, the check should also be one of the transactions in your bank statement.


Lastly, here's an article you can read to learn more about reconciliation: Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts (Mac).


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other questions about reconciliation. It'll be always my pleasure to help.

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Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Hello and thank you for jumping in.  My statement date matches.  I'm in the right time period, but though the check shows in my register and on my statement, it does not appear in the reconcile window.  This is the problem.




Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Thank you for the response, @AliciaW!


Allow me to share a little more information about reconciliation and help you reconcile your bank account.


To start, your transactions that have been already reconciled are excluded and will not show in your reconciliation page.


With this, may I ask if you can share a screenshot of your register? Any information will surely be able to help share accurate resolutions and will let us solve your reconciliation.


In the meantime, you can review your check in your register if it has been marked as R or Reconciled. If so, you can consider it as the reason why it's showing on your reconciliation.


Please let me know in the comment section below. I'll be waiting for your response and will be always happy to lend a helping hand.

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Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Quickbooks for Mac doesn't show an R for reconciled transactions.  It shows a check mark that is lighter or darker.  It is would be a lot more straightforward if it was marked R after its reconciled.  Thank you for your help.  I've got it squared away now.

El Papa
Level 1

Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Had the same issue. The only difference in my case is that the payment was received via Intuit quickbooks, so I did not do the manual input, QB created the input and deposit automatically via the Merchant Service Deposit feature. Since I had hundreds of these transactions done without any issue but for some reason this one transaction did not show up in the reconcile window. Wierd


Believe it or not, I just solved the issue by just simply undoing a month of reconciliation and found another transaction in the same amount that I had reconciled erroneously. So it was my mistake. I am writing this reply just in case you want to retract some of your steps which may help you find an obvious error that is in front of your eyes.  Good luck.



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Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

I noticed it when I went to track a check to see if it was cleared and realized when I went into the individual check, it was not marked as cleared.  The reconciliation dates match the bank statements and all months are reconciled properly.  One bank account DOES show it though.   It is VERY frustrating - to find out of it is cleared, I have to go back to the actual bank statement.  WHAT GIVES?

QuickBooks Team

Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Hi there, @Frustrated53121,


It's possible the check was modified, and that's why the cleared status was removed.


What you need to do is pull up the Transaction Detail Report to verify transactions that were changed or modified.

Here's how to get the report:

  1. Go to your Reports menu.
  2. Select Custom Reports, then Transaction Detail.
  3. Go to the Display tab, then choose the following:
      a. Date From = earliest QuickBooks date (or leave it blank)
      b. Date To = date of the last reconciliation statement
  4. On the Filters tab, choose:
      a. Account = the account being reconciled
      b. Entered/Last Modified
      c. Date From = Date of the last reconciled
      d. Date To = Today
  5. Click OK.

Once done, you can then do a mini-reconciliation to clear the check.


I've added this article for other reports available in QBDT that will help identify transactions that were modified: Fix Reconciliation Discrepancies.


Should you need assistance, please let me know. I'd  be glad to help.

Level 1

Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

This has been happening for at least 7 months or more - on ALL checks and deposits.  The accounts are reconciled and I even print the reconciliation for my records and they show everything that should be cleared properly.  I cannot go into each transaction and mark it as cleared - every month.  

QuickBooks Team

Deposit shows in register but not reconcile

Thanks for getting back to us and providing additional information regarding your concern, @Frustrated53121.


I understand how inconvenient it is for you to go through each transaction and mark it as cleared. Since they're not showing as reconciled, let's perform a few troubleshooting solutions to isolate the problem.


Running the Verify and Rebuild Utility Tool can help fix any data damage on the company file. Always create a backup to avoid any accidental data loss before performing the following steps.

  1. Go to the File menu.
  2. Select Utilities, then Rebuild Data.
  3. Click OK on the QuickBooks Information window. 
  4. Follow the prompt to save a backup.
  5. Hit OK when you see Rebuild has completed.

Utilities 1.PNG Utilities 2.PNG

You can follow the steps above except choose verify instead of rebuild.


Take a look at this article for reference: Resolve data damage. In the same link, you’ll find other data damage troubleshooting steps for Windows.


Now try checking the reconciled account. If you continue to get the same result, I recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team for further assistance.


They can initiate a screen-sharing session in a secure environment and create a ticket to open an investigation if necessary. 


Here’s how to get in touch with support:

  1. Press F1 or go to the Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  2. Type in your concern on the Search box and hit Enter.
  3. Click the Contact us link at the bottom.
  4. Tell us more about your question on the box provided.
  5. Hit Start a Message.

Please let me know how this goes and if you need any assistance. I’m always here to help. Have a good one!

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