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Foreign Transaction Fees on Quickbooks Cash Account??

Why am I suddenly getting hit with all of these $2 foreign transaction fees on my quickbooks cash business checking account?? I'm not doing anything unusual, using different vendors, and it doesn't indicate which transaction these are related to.


This whole offering has been a mess and complete disaster. I thought the 1% interest was a good thing, but now I'm getting slammed with these fees? 


And again, please don't suggest I contact support, because your normal phone/chat support people know NOTHING about this offering!


I need to talk to a human being, please, about all of the problems I'm experiencing with quickbooks cash!

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QuickBooks Team

Foreign Transaction Fees on Quickbooks Cash Account??

Hello there, @userbill.


To know more about the charges and corresponding fees. I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Payments support team. This way, they can verify and give clarifications to the charges you receive. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to this link: Contact Payments Support
  2. Refer to the steps in the QuickBooks Online with Payments & Merchant Service Center field.
  3. Input the details needed to connect with our live chat support.


For more information about fees, here' these articles that you can open:


Please do let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. You can reach out to the Community at any time. Take care

Level 4

Foreign Transaction Fees on Quickbooks Cash Account??

This is yet another nonsensical "solution". If I follow those instructions, it tells me to post here (which I already did) or contact the generic support chat or phone (which I already said is useless, those people have ZERO knowledge of this quickbooks cash business checking account offering.


It's a nightmare. Random fees appearing, no paypal support to transfer my client payments to this account, can't deposit paper checks, can't get paper checks for the account. I call the phone number on my debit card and constantly get hung up on while trying to navigate the bizarre phone menu choices, after spending 20 minutes entering in verification info. When I finally get a human (a few times now) that person can barely speak english, has a horrible static connection, and puts me on hold forever with blaring hold music.


Then after posting here, many attempts, half-hearted "admins" go through the motions slopping in random FAQs, links, steps that do not answer the question. What a mess.

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