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Quick books did not sync with my bank

Quickbooks is not syncing with my bank (BECU).  I called my bank and they said the fault lies with Quickbooks to resolve, but I can't find a person from quickbooks to help!  The Visa account is the only one syncing.  The bank may have upgraded something on their website.  Anyway to fix this?


Re: Quick books did not sync with my bank

I want to know more about your concern, gris0028. This helps us know what troubleshooting steps we need to take to resolve the issue.


Do you have a specific error code or message in your Banking page?


Meanwhile, we can update the Banking page manually.

  1. In the Banking page, click the Update button.
  2. Enter your Multi-Factor Authentication Credentials (MFA).
  3. Click Continue update.

Any additional details such as screenshots and other information would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Re: Quick books did not sync with my bank

Let me give you additional updates about your concern, gris0028.


I reviewed our system and found out that there are two specific error codes (Error 101 and Error 324) when connecting Boeing Employee Credit Union (BECU) to QuickBooks Online. You can reach out to our QuickBooks Customer Care Team so we can add you to the list of affected users. They can also give you updates about the issue.


Meanwhile, we can use a WebConnect file (as an alternative) to import your bank transactions if you encountered Error 101. You can check out these articles for more information: 

I'd appreciate your patience as we work for a fix. I'll be right here if you need anything else. 


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