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I have been trying for a month to get my construction business quickbooks account set up. I have had problems all along the way and no one has been able to help me. NOW I cannot download my bank transactions into quickbook. It has close to 10 bank accounts in there and I only have three. I have called every day and I am taken thru the same scripted steps. The tech people are fine but they are not real IT people. They only know the scripted solutions. I was told a week ago that this was given to an EMERGENCY team. No one knows who they are, where they are and they cannot be contacted. I do not believe the is such a team. It is all BS. Yesterday I was speaking to a girl from Asia who had a rooster crowing in her house. I appreciate that Quickbook is giving people all over the globe a chance to work, but I'm sure they are paying this girl peanuts rather than real IT people. If you have a real problem, there is NO ONE here to help. I even hired a professional accountant and @ $100 an hour, after 3 hours she could not resolve the issue.  What do I do??????  Can you recommend another software that might have better support? I have never been so frustrated and have never seen a company who takes NO responsibility for their softwa

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Quickbooks Online Support

@mji1 wrote:

Can you recommend another software that might have better support? 


How much budget do you have? How many user do you need? Which accounting program did you use before QBO?

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Online Support

Good day, @mji1.


I understand how it feels to be going in circles and not getting the help you need. Not to worry, the Community has you covered. I want to ensure you can get your construction business account set up properly.


I'd appreciate it if you could provide more details about your concern. This way, we can go straight right to helping you achieve your goal.


Looking forward to your reply. 

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