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Regions Bank - Cannot Connect To Bank Error 108 Information

I am hoping this information will be helpful for others who use Region who suddenly lost the ability to sync their bank.


I was not able to sync my main business account for a few weeks and after a few days of frustration going back and forth with Regions support. I gave up and did some digging through the online banking settings. There is a products tab in your online bank and look under Business services. There is a checkbox further down for Quickbooks Download as a service. I checked the box for the service and was able to sync again.


There was no notice of this change or any warning and more annoying they are now charging for us to get our financial information from them to use in Quickbooks. I hoping this information will save Intuit some grief from other Regions users who are not able to sync their accounts.

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QuickBooks Team

Regions Bank - Cannot Connect To Bank Error 108 Information

I know how challenging it is when you're not informed about the changes made in your financial institution, Tbutler15. This can make working on your QuickBooks file more difficult.


We appreciate you for sharing relevant information that'll help other users who experience issues when connecting their Regions Bank accounts to QuickBooks Online. 


For more tips in categorizing your bank data, I'd recommend checking out these articles:



Additionally, I've included an article that'll help you match your QuickBooks accounts to your bank and credit card statements. This ensures your books are accurate: Reconcile an Account.


I'm only a post away if you need help in completing your other tasks in QuickBooks, Tbutler15. It's my pleasure to help you out.

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Regions Bank - Cannot Connect To Bank Error 108 Information

Hello there,


I've found an additional solution to this issue for those searching, after spending some time with Regions Technical Support. It is indeed an issue on their end - not QuickBooks Online.


There is a pop-up within Regions Online Banking that will ask you to update your personal information. Which is what is causing the error. 


1. Use Google Chrome if you're not already. 


2. Disable any pop-up blockers you have.


3. Log-in to Regions on a desktop or laptop (not an iPhone) and set your DEFAULT ONLINE account as your personal account.*   (You can find the steps to do that here:    

      *My business and personal accounts are linked with one ID. The pop-up only appears if you have defaulted to your personal online. 


4.  Log-out and Log back in and the pop-up should appear, update your personal info.


Regions weren't aware of this particular solution. I did this and the Regions rep actually told me I was one of the only ones since the 8th to successfully fix this issue. 


Hope this helps!

Everything has now been working properly. 

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Regions Bank - Cannot Connect To Bank Error 108 Information

Also, just wanted to let you know that is for QuickBooks Desktop. The online version is still free. I ran into that same information and it was confusing to me as well. What most likely happened is during the process you filled out your updated personal info which is actually what fixed the issue. You shouldn't have to pay any extra!

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Regions Bank - Cannot Connect To Bank Error 108 Information

This worked for me using QB online after much frustration over the past two weeks.  I simply changed the default on the regions site to personal and logged back in, updated personal info and I am good to go!  Thanks to you and no-thanks to Regions and QB support.

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