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Update banking info for employees direct deposit paychecks.

1. Been using QB desktop payroll and direct deposit for employee paychecks with no problems.

2. Bank sold out and changed names.

3. I am trying to update new banking info.

I have done the following;

 Three hours on phone with payroll support expert but no luck.

1.Employees tab 

2. My payroll service

3. Account/billing info

4. Sign in to my Intuit account

5. Payroll details

6. Under banking info, click on edit. But no luck, I receive a message to "Update Quickbooks Desk Top.

We have updated the desktop, We have done the payroll updates. But still cannot updated my bank account info.


After three hours today they have referred me to level 2 support and I am waiting on a call back

 Meanwhile I have gone to;

1. employees

2. send payroll data

3. send/receive 

4. preferences

5. account list and selected the new account

6. sent an empty payroll


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QuickBooks Team

Update banking info for employees direct deposit paychecks.

Hi there, @Skylinelandscaping.


I appreciate the detailed information that you gave regarding your concern with updating your bank account for direct deposit.


If you're trying to change your company's bank account to be used in direct deposit, you'll need to submit a Direct Deposit Bank Account Change form since you've mentioned that the bank was sold out and changed its name. You can access that through this link: Bank Account Change Form.


You can read through this article for additional information about this process: Change your payroll bank account.


However, if you're trying to change the employees bank information for direct deposit, you can update that by following these steps:

  1. Go to Employees and select Employee Center to open your employee list.
  2. Select the employee's name.
  3. Press on the Payroll Info tab.
  4. Hit on the Direct Deposit button.
  5. In the Direct Deposit window, select Use Direct Deposit for [employee's name].
  6. Select to deposit the paycheck into one or two accounts.
  7. Enter the employee's financial institution information (Bank NameRouting No.Account No., and Account Type).
  8. Tick on OK to save the information.
  9. Key in your direct deposit PIN when prompted.

You need to edit the bank account info before you create a paycheck for the employee. The paychecks you've made before you update the employee's account will be deposited to the old bank account. To avoid this, you can delete and recreate the paychecks before sending them to Intuit, or you can perform these steps:

  1. Open the paycheck and go to the Paycheck Detail window.
  2. Uncheck the Use Direct Deposit option on the paycheck details.
  3. Select on Save or Save & Close.

Once done, open the paycheck again and select Use Direct Deposit. Be sure to select Save.


Keep me posted on how it goes, @Skylinelandscaping. I'll be around to help if there's anything else that you need. Take care!

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