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In Case You Missed It: There's Nothing Sexier Than Confidence


Valentine's Day is almost here, and all last week we heard voices that remind us how much running a business is like dating: You've got the goods - it's just a matter of finding the right connections and making the magic happen. Not convinced? Here are some matchmaking tips from our recent business success stories.


Figure Out What You Truly Want - So You Can Actually Get It

“You’re going to be more creative and have a lot more fun along the way if you’re not doing everything by the seat of your yoga pants!”

~Julie Gordon White, Want to Grow Your Business? Think Love Triangles and Scalable Systems


Go to the Right Places

"When...we moved to Austin, my first really big account was with Antonelli's Cheese Shop which has a section of curated, mostly local, fine foods. Austin is a foodie town, so other specialty stores were paying attention to what Antonelli's carried, and that really helped things take off."

~Steve Lawrence, The Business of Love: Steve Lawrence is Enchanted by Chocolate and it Shows in His Gorgeous Sweets


Ask Interesting Questions

"My best marketing strategy is being very aggressive when I’m interviewing for a job. Thanks to my work in the Navy, my education is superior to most people in my industry. I win big jobs because I ask a lot of questions. I come back ten times to walk the property and understand the project. I look at the schedule and figure out how to save time and money."

~Jimmy Gallagher, BACKING YOU: Jimmy Gallagher’s Family Business Spans Five Decades – and Counting


Look for Common Interests

"I never thought I’d be doing HR work! But I’m better than I expected at picking good employees. I think it’s important to make a real connection, to see a light in their eyes. I want to know, will they be passionate about their job? Are we able to communicate easily, right off the bat? Our industry has a high turnover rate, so I know it’s important to keep people incentivized. Fortunately, we’ve had a really good retention rate."

~ Kevin Gambini, Kevin Gambini’s #1 Business Strategy? Know Your Weaknesses -- and Embrace Them


Give Sincere Compliments

"It’s really important for me to showcase different body types and sizes. It helps my customers imagine themselves in my lingerie, too. One of the ways I show love for my customers is by making flattering and comfortable pieces which help them love themselves and the bodies they’re in."

~Hanna Broer, The Business of Love: Hanna Broer’s Handmade Lingerie Is Eco-Sexy


You got all that? Now go get 'em, tiger!

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