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Level 2

941 reports

The 941 reports will not generate when there is no payroll in a particular quarter. There are MANY reasons why we need to generate 941 reports that have zero payroll to report, especially when millions are unemployed and businesses are shut down. This has not been an issue in prior years, I am not sure why they won't generate now. We need to file 941 with zero payroll NOW!

Community Champion

941 reports

Yes, someone unfamiliar with payroll filing rules thought this was a good idea and decided to save you from yourself by stopping you from filing when you don't have any payroll. Which make logical sense when you don't know the rules and (it seems) don't care to find out what they are.

While this has been reported here for over a month Intuit still hasn't fixed it, even though they could have.

The workaround support is offering is to create and then void a paycheck in the period. Then the form will run. :|

QuickBooks Team

941 reports

Hey there, @kellytraczyk


Yes, @BigRedConsulting is correct. The best way to file a zero return and open the 941 forms is to create a dummy employee and then process a 0 net check.


Therefore, you'll be able to see the 941 forms with zero wages from the File Forms window. Ensure that the period and check date are the same when printed out. Afterward, you can delete the dummy employee and paycheck. File the printed form directly to the IRS when finished. 


You can also go to the IRS website to see your 941 forms.


Here's an extra link that can provide some additional information on this issue: 941 form


If you have any other questions, please let me know. I want to make sure all of your concerns are addressed. Have a great day!

Community Champion

941 reports

@Candice C 

RE: "The best way to file a zero return and open the 941 forms is to create a dummy employee and then process a 0 net check."


Well, it would be better if Intuit would have fixed QuickBooks before the forms were due.

Level 2

941 reports

Creating a dummy employee and a zero paycheck to generate the 941 form is not a suitable solution, will all of the payroll accounts associated be adjusted back to their correct values as well? No! We would have to manually adjust them all. I was able to generate zero 941's in the first quarter of 2020, I realize the form changed but the need to file without wages only increased drastically. Intuit needs to address this correctly and swiftly. 

Level 2

941 reports

Also Intuit seems to forget the we are also barred from generating a zero dollar paycheck through the program. This is not a fix and needs to be addressed immediately. With your payroll subscription doubling in cost the past few years why would we keep paying for your services when they are not correct or government compliant? Fix this now!

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