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Any way to report paid time off?

We use tsheets for recording time, integrated with Quickbooks.  Everything works well, except there seems to be no way to get a useful and reliable paid time off (PTO) activity report.  For instance, if I generate the report "Time Activities by Employee Detail Report", it just shows the paid time off lines with a blank Customer and Class column.  And I can find no other column that could be used to distinguish what type of paid time off it was, for instance vacation vs holiday vs jury duty, etc.  Is there any way to get Quickbooks to provide this information in its reports?  Thanks.

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Re: Any way to report paid time off?

You need to set up items for each type of PTO if you want to track at that level.  You should set up your company as a customer.

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Re: Any way to report paid time off?

However, our tsheets already has items set up for each type of PTO.  So my concern is that if I set up new items for these in QuickBooks that there will be no integration or relation between them and the tsheet items.  Does anyone have an example of this actually working?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Any way to report paid time off?

Hi there, @eeei732.


I appreciate you getting back to us and providing extra details. I can share some insights about the integration of Tsheet and the reporting paid time off in QuickBooks.

The setting up and mapping of items should be done on your Tsheet account. Once the appropriate time types are entered (i.e., Regular, Overtime, PTO, and others), it should automatically sync in QuickBooks.


On your Tsheet account, make sure to put a check mark on the Use QuickBooks Online for payroll box in the QuickBooks Online Integration Preferences


For more insights about mapping payroll item, you can refer to these articles:

Once this is properly set up, you should be able to run and customize the "Time Activities by Employee Detail Report".


That should point you to the right track, eeei732. Keep me posted if there's anything else you need. I'm still here to help you further. Have a good one!

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Re: Any way to report paid time off?

Thanks HoneyLynn_G!  I took a look at my tsheets settings, and the PTO codes are already correctly set up.  Also, the QuickBooks Online Integration Preferences there already has every single checkbox enabled and checked.  I even looked at the Payroll Item Mapping Tool, and it simply shows "Holiday" on tsheets mapping to "Holiday Pay" on Quickbooks and so forth for the other PTO codes that we have created.


However, the customize within "Time Activities by Employee Detail Report" still shows no way to distinguish a holiday pay item from a vacation pay item.  In other words, there is no way for that report to print "Regular Pay" vs "Holiday Pay" vs "Vaction Pay", etc.  So maybe as a previous reply mentioned there is some hack where a customer is created to represent each PTO category, but I am loathe to attempt that without having seen a working example first.


Also, thanks for the 3 links, however none of them mention this PTO code integration issue.


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Re: Any way to report paid time off?

Welcome back to our forum, @eeei732,


Thanks for providing us an update about the Tsheets and QBO integration and for following the recommended steps provided by my peer  HoneyLynn_G. I want to make sure you're able to import all the information correctly in QBO.


What get's imported into QBO depends on how the items are formatted on your time-tracking application. To get the figures reflect on the QBO reports accurately, I'd recommend getting in touch with TSheets Support.


They can help you set the imported file and check unmapped items to make sure you can complete the integration. They can also check if there are missing information that's causing the incorrect reporting in QBO. To contact them, please check this link: TSheets Care Support


That should connect you to our Live Support Team. Please update me on the outcome, @eeei732. I want to ensure this issue gets addressed immediately. Have a good one!

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