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Checks split between time worked and reimbursements

I have a few checks written out to contractors with most of the checks having reimbursements on them. 

I properly categorize how their time was spent on a project but how do I go about categorizing the reimbursement when I split the check? I want to make sure they are not taxed for it so as of right now I put all the reimbursements in the Unassigned account but I would like to be as specific as how their time was spent working. Wether it be on cleaning, carpentry, windows. I would like to categorize the reimbursements the same way. Is that possible? 

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Checks split between time worked and reimbursements

If you insist on paying part of the contractors pay as a reimbursement, then you must get the receipt for what he spent his money on to support your expense that he paid.


Typically a contractor is in business for himself, as a result he has expenses.  He bills you for his time and his expenses plus a mark up (usually) and you pay it.



Level 2

Checks split between time worked and reimbursements

Ok, but how do I properly split the check to make sure the reimbursement does not look like income for the contractor?


Checks split between time worked and reimbursements

Good morning, @gstephenson.


Let's get this take care of for you. In QuickBooks, the Split function allows you to select multiple categories (accounts) for a single transaction to ensure the reimbursement portion goes to the correct account. Here's what you'll do:


Splitting a Bank Transaction

  1. From QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Banking tab and the For Review section.
  2. Click the transaction you need to assign multiple Payees and select Split.
  3. For each part of the split, enter a Category, a Payee, and the Amount. Click Save and add once finished.

This way, you can categorize your payment for your contractor, as well as your reimbursement payments to the correct account.


Please let me know what additional questions you have on this, I'm here to help!  Have a fantastic rest of your day.

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