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Company Message on paystubs

How many characters can I use for my Company Message on my paystubs?

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Company Message on paystubs

As many as fit.  Are you running into a limit?  If so, that's how many.

QuickBooks Team

Company Message on paystubs

Hello andyallen, 


Thanks for visiting the Community. Allow me to jump in and add some details to the response given by @Anonymous. 


As mentioned by @Anonymous, you can enter as many characters, as long as they fit in the box. I did it in my sample company file and I was able to enter 250 characters including spaces. 


This should help you in estimating the length of the message for your employees. 


The Community is a great avenue to connect and interact with accountants and other users. Let me know if you have other questions in QuickBooks Desktop. I'll be around!  

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Company Message on paystubs

How do I add a company message?

Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Company Message on paystubs

Hi there, @Slorenzini.


Thanks for following along with the thread and sharing your concerns. I'm happy to lend a hand with adding a company message to your paystubs.


When you add company messages to paystubs, you include it when you go to print them. I've included some steps below to walk you through the process. 


  1. Go to the File menu and hover over Print Forms. Then select Pay Stubs.
  2. Choose your payroll bank account. Then enter the date range that includes the pay date of the pay stubs.
  3. In the column next to the date, click on the pay stubs you want to print. If you want to filter for specific employees, pick them from the Employee dropdown.
  4. If you want to select the company and employee info that will be printed on the pay stub, hit Preferences.
  5. To include a message to send with each pay stub, enter text in the Company message to be printed on all pay stubs box.
  6. Tap Preview to view pay stubs before you print them. When you're ready, select Print.


That should do it. For additional details about this process, check out Print pay stubs in QuickBooks Desktop


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Take care, and have a wonderful day ahead!

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Company Message on paystubs

Most of my checks go direct deposit and the employee views there paystubs online. I don't print an actual paystub. How would I handle that?


Company Message on paystubs

Hello Slorenzini,


Thank you for reaching back out. In the same screenshot my colleague shared above, there are a few options next to the company message, such as Print, Email, Close, and Help. Instead of selecting Print in step 6, use the email option to send the information once adding the company message.



Would you mind letting me know if you have any other questions? I will be here to assist further. Take care.

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