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Emailing Employee Email Stubs with Intuit Online Payroll

Hi there,


Prior to a recent update (I'm guessing around the time Workforce rolled out), we were able to choose when to send out our employee's check stubs via email.  There was a button to click "Send Emails" as part of the payroll process, allowing us the ability to send when it works for us.


Now, they send as soon as we approve payroll.  This has become a real pain for us.  If we send them in the middle of the day, all of our employees lose productivity for 10-15 minutes.  So we don't do that.  But then I can't approve payroll when I actually do it (during the day) and have to remember to go back in and approve in the evening.  Leaving a chance that it may be forgotten one time.  And is always an intrusion into my personal time.  Not to mention that we can't do any reporting including payroll numbers during that day, which is when we want to do them.


Is there a way to change this in the current version?  If not, can you PLEASE put this as a quality improvement request?  We've been with you for 9 years I think, and it always worked that way in the past.  Thank you SO MUCH!

QuickBooks Team

Emailing Employee Email Stubs with Intuit Online Payroll

Hello, @hbrasel


At this time, pay stub emails are sent to employees after you’ve submitted your payroll. Then, your employees can go to to view the details.


It would also be great if employers can get a hold when sending the paystubs to their employees. A feature to choose either to send the paystub automatically or manually will be a great addition to the current features that we have. I’ll be sure to take note of it.


In the meantime, you can go to the QuickBooks Blog to check for new updates and features that we have. 


Here’s also more information on how to invite your employees to view and print their pay stubs and W-2s: Invite employees to see pay stubs and W-2s online


Let me know if there’s anything that I can help. I’m always here to assist. Have a great rest of the day!

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Emailing Employee Email Stubs with Intuit Online Payroll

Thank you!  It has never been a problem that the paystubs are available on Workforce (or the former system) when we approved.  But sending that email just asks people to stop whatever they are doing - like working!!! - and check it.  So if sending the email could be disconnected from the "Approve Payroll" action, that would so very wonderful.  So wonderful.

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Emailing Employee Email Stubs with Intuit Online Payroll

Agreed! ridiculous that they took this feature away!  the issue we have run into is with termination checks.  we must process a termination check but not approve it until the proper steps have been taken.  What does Intuit think should be done in this case????


There is no good answer from what I can see:  1) the employee either gets notified of a new paystub possibly alerting them of a termination check, 2) we have to remember to NOT approve the check at the time of calculation, write a paper check then go back and approve the check after the employee has been terminated, or 3) deactivate the employee's access to paystubs/w-2 entirely which they would have to then re-sign up to gain access.  All 3 options are horrible!  COME ON INTUIT!

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