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Employee Direct Deposit Confirmation Email

Should I receive a confirmation email from Intuit Payroll Service once I have initiated a direct deposit for an employee?  

What if I do not receive a confirmation? 

How do I know what information is needed if all the information provided is correct for the direct deposit? 


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Employee Direct Deposit Confirmation Email

It seems sometimes Intuit send such email and sometimes they don't.


It's not needed in any case: If you send payroll DD orders and sending completes without error, then the file was accepted and the orders will be issued.

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Employee Direct Deposit Confirmation Email

I just got off the phone with payroll support.

We received the "Employee bank account changed email", with more than a dozen people on it, and we did not change any accounts.

It seems, in this situation, it went back to 2014, and re-activated direct deposit for old, terminated, and inactive employees.  The turnover there is high, so we did not even recognize the names initially.

She said she has had a few calls about this today, so here is a heads-up. It is happening with the update.

Also, the email address, to report possible pfishing emails, does not work and is still included in the Intuit email.

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Employee Direct Deposit Confirmation Email

Having said that the confirmation is not needed - sometimes intuit sends it and sometimes they don't, if all is sent without an error message?  I would like to know that its going to go with out an error message before I run the payroll.

How can I confirm the confirmation?

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Employee Direct Deposit Confirmation Email

Thank you


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