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Employee names are not being displayed on invoices.

I am unable to see employee names on the invoices I create. I tried to customize the setting and checked "employee name" as shown in the screenshot. However, I am still unable to see the employee's name on the invoice. Please help and let me know how can I fix this 

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QuickBooks Team

Employee names are not being displayed on invoices.

I’m happy to help you display the customer’s name on your invoices, @Tooba2.


I replicated this concern on my test file and it works well. With this, I suggest performing some troubleshooting steps to verify if it’s a browser issue. Let’s start by logging in your account using a private browser or incognito.


Here are the shortcut keys:


  • For Google Chrome, press Ctrl+ Shift + N.
  • For Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, press Ctrl + Shift + P.
  • For Safari, press Command + Shift + N.


Once done, you can try to check if the employee name is visible on the invoice. Then, you'll need to clear your cache in your regular browser.  Otherwise, use other supported browsers. This way, it will help improve the performance of your device.


If you're referring to the name that appears on invoices when printing, you can tick the Use display name checkbox under Customer information.


Here’s how:


  1. On the left pane, click Sales.
  2. Select Customers.
  3. Choose a customer and click Edit beside New transaction.
  4. Under the Display name as column, enter the name you want to appear on the invoice.
  5. Tick the Print on check as checkbox.
  6. Tap Save.




I’ve added this article if you want to personalize your invoices in QuickBooks Online. It'll help you customize your template and its appearance of your sales form.


For reference, you can visit this article to record your invoice payments. It includes the steps that'll guide you along the process.


In case you'll need assistance in dealing with your invoices , don't hesitate to get back on this thread. I’m always here to help you.

Level 1

Employee names are not being displayed on invoices.

Dear JamaicaA (Quickbooks Team)

Your comment has no relevance to the incident raised by Tooba2. 


Please confirm if the employe name option which was described by Tooba2 is an open issue and when is the target reolution for this.



QuickBooks Team

Employee names are not being displayed on invoices.

Thanks for joining in the conversation, @Hunts.


Allow me to chime in on this thread to clarify things and provide additional information.


But before we get started, I'd like to ask in which instance you'd like to add your employee name to the invoices. Any additional information or screenshot will be much appreciated. With this, I'll be able to visualize your scenario and provide you with a suitable solution.


However, I don't want you to go empty-handed so I'm going to provide you with some information. Normally, an invoice is a transaction involving customers and the company. However, if you've added your employees as customers, they will reflect in the Customer Name field.


Additionally, QuickBooks Online offers a new experience for estimates and invoices to our valued users to help you land jobs, keep moving, and get paid faster. To know more about this, feel free to browse through this article:  See what's new with estimates and invoices in QuickBooks Online.


I'll be putting an eye out for your reply and as always, you can ping me here in the comment section if you need further assistance in managing your invoices in QBO. Keep safe.

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