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Holiday bonus check

Holiday bonus check was not encash by my employee since last year. How do i handle it? Can i write a new check? But it will be tax again! Help

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Holiday bonus check

Hi there, @Joy1317.


It seems that you've posted twice with the same concern. My colleague already provided an answer to your question. You may refer to this link:


I've also added an article about managing your QuickBooks Desktop account for your future reference. 



Let me know if you have follow-up questions. I'm always glad to help.

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Holiday bonus check

To replace a stale paycheck, or any type of check, all you really need to do is to record another (standard) bank check in your bank account, and then use the bank account in the detail area of the check.


This will create what looks like a check and a deposit in your bank register.  Perhaps add a memo to it explaining what it's for.


Then, optionally, perform a fake reconcile:  Make the ending balance match the starting balance. Then mark the old check and the "deposit" line of the new check both as cleared. The reconciled net total will be 0.00.  Then perhaps print the reconciliation report and put a note on it, explaining what you did, for your records.

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