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How can I cancel an automatic payment

It is for state unemployment payment not due until May and I paid it today by mistake
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How can I cancel an automatic payment

Thanks for getting in touch with the Community, Beth439.


You can cancel a scheduled state unemployment tax payment by deleting it. Federal tax payments can be deleted two business days prior to their scheduled payment dates, before 5 pm PST. Some states have different lead times for processing tax payments, for example, if your state's lead time is five business days, you'll need to delete the payment five business days before the scheduled payment date, before 5 pm PST.


There's also a few other things you'll want to be aware of:

  • You can delete a payment if it was manually recorded (non-electronic).
  • You can delete payments if they haven't been electronically processed yet.


You won't be able to delete them if:

  • The payment is in process or already processed electronically.
  • The form along with the payment were already transmitted or accepted by the agency.
  • The payment was rejected due to insufficient funds (NSF).


Once you're prepared to delete a payment, it can be accomplished on your Taxes screen.


Here's how:

  1. In the left navigation bar, go to Taxes, then Payroll tax.
  2. Under Tax resources, choose Tax payment history.
  3. Click the name of your payment. You can change the date range if necessary.
  4. From its View and Print Form drop-down list, pick Delete. In the event you don't see an option to delete it, you'll need to get in touch with our Customer Care team for further assistance.
  5. Select Yes.


I've also included a detailed resource about working with tax payments which may come in handy moving forward: Delete a tax payment


Please don't hesitate to send a reply if there's any questions. Have an awesome Friday!

Level 1

How can I cancel an automatic payment

Intuit/Quickbooks will not let me delete it. Is it because it's not due to May?


How can I cancel an automatic payment

Hi @Beth439. I want to ensure this matter is addressed timely.


Yes, it is one of the reasons why you don't have the option to delete or cancel a scheduled automatic tax payment. You'll want to contact our Customer Care Support and work with one of our specialists to delete the tax payment in question. I'll show you how.


  1. Go to Help.
  2. Select Search.
  3. Click Contact Us.
  4. Enter a few words describing how to delete the payment in the What can we help you with? text area.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Click Chat with us or Have us call you.


I want to include that reaching out to our Customer Care Support is best during business hours from 6 AM-6 PM PT Mondays-Fridays. Use this article to learn more: QuickBooks Online Payroll Support.


You may also read this reference for another mode of payment and form filings to use: Pay and File Payroll Taxes and Forms in Online Payroll.


Don't hesitate to post again here if you have other questions or concerns other than processing your payroll tax payments. I'm always around ready to help. Stay safe and have a good one!

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