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Inactive or "deleted" accounts keep showing up on the chart of accounts, when I have NOT checked the

I hope you can see the file I sent.   I have Desktop Pro 13.    Trying to describe problem better than I did before.    When I write a check in "Pay to the Order Of" the drop box previously pull down the "chart of the accounts "hopefully showing in a picture.   Includes all the accountants categories for my taxes.

Between writing checks, the pull down list started just pulling down my vendor list with no accountant tax categories,     It's just a list anyone I've ever written a check to?


How do I switch back to the chart of accounts I had created?

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QuickBooks Team

Inactive or "deleted" accounts keep showing up on the chart of accounts, when I have NOT checked the

Good evening, @owllea


Welcome back to the QuickBooks Community. Thank you, also, for providing a screenshot of what you're trying to overcome. Allow me to share some insight into the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. Sometimes a company may want to remove an old account or hide it. QuickBooks allows you to do just that.


There are also times where a company may need to review data from these old accounts, and the program has you covered there, too. What you're encountering is the latter. To hide all inactive accounts once more, there is a small checkbox towards the bottom of the list, titled "include inactive." Make sure this box is unchecked, and your inactive accounts should go back into hiding again.

To help you a little further with this, below is the screenshot you provided with an indicator of the checkbox I'm referring to.



Give this a try and let me know how this works for you. Should you have anything else you'd like to go over, don't hesitate to reach out to the Community again. I'm always here to help.

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