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Intuit Online Payroll Year End Resources







We know you are busy, so we have collected all the articles and information you need to prepare your business for the end of the year.   We will also be updating this post throughout the season to keep you up to date. 


Year end checklist for Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced 


Year end checklist for Intuit Online Payroll Full Service 

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Intuit Online Payroll Year End Resources

I have spent almost 2 months talking to "larry" [he changes his name from time to time] @ [removed] and he has failed to call me back 4 times that he said your phones were not working and has been worthless in fixing the missing first 6 months of salary data (yes I had backups) but firstly he told me to update payroll every time I went into to do my payroll - fail.  I have liabilities due that have been already paid and cannot run a 940 form on Q1 and Q2 - fail.  I called last week and apparently no one is available until after Jan 2 according to him - fail.  this is the time of the year that most small biz's finish their books.  I hit up the help center and did a file recovery and it comes back with a file is missing (6000-83 error) and not help from him - fail.  $1500 a year for payroll and basics and I get zero helpful suggestions and told call back after Jan 2.  lovely.  I have been a QB client for over a decade. time for that to change 

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