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Lost payroll check

Hi. My client issued a replacement check in october for 2 lost payroll checks in aug and sept and entered it as adp clearing account. Now my clearing account has a balance. What should i do to correct the entry made? Thanks.

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QuickBooks Team

Lost payroll check

Hello there, rosettesacil.


I can walk you through issuing a lost payroll check. Just take note of the check number of the lost paycheck and ensure to call the bank to put a stop payment on the lost paycheck number. 


Then, you can follow these steps on how to record a lost paycheck in QuickBooks Online:


  1. Go to the Payroll or Workers menu and select Employees
  2. Click the Paycheck list link under the Run Payroll button.
  3. Open the original paycheck.
  4. Take note of the details of the paycheck. Change the check number with the next one available.
  5. Select Save and close.

Once done, you can reissue a replacement check.


  1. Go to the + New button and select Check.
  2. From the Payee drop-down, choose the name of the employee.
  3. Specify the Bank Account you use for payroll.
  4. Enter the net amount of the lost paycheck. 
  5. Select Payroll Expenses for the Category
  6. In the check mber field, enter the number of the lost paycheck.
  7. You may enter a note in the Description field.
  8. In the Payment date field, enter the same date used on the lost paycheck.
  9. Click Print Check and then Save and close

Void the check to balance your register. For more details, you can click this link: Issue a lost paycheck in Online Payroll.


I'd also recommend reaching out to an accountant to help you select the correct accounts to use.


Keep me posted if you have other questions. Take care!

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Lost payroll check

Hi there. My client already issued a replacement check and it is already cleared by the bank. 


Lost payroll check

Hello there, @rosettesacil.


You're able to use a Clearing Account to move money from one account to another in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Then, it normally has a zero balance since you'll take out the same amount you put in.


I want to make sure to cover every concern you have here in the Community. You can share with me the details of how your client recorded the replacement checks to the adp clearing account. With this, I can provide the exact resolution for it.


In the meantime, I'm adding this article to further guide you in effectively managing your transactions in QBO: Help Articles. It includes topics about processing payroll, account management, and workers and employees to name a few.


Please drop a comment below for the replacement checks details. If you have other concerns or follow-up inquiries, I'm just around to help. Take care always.

Level 1

Lost payroll check

This procedure no longer works.  There is no save button.  After changing the check number to the new number and leaving the page, it reverts back to the old number.


Lost payroll check

It's great to have you here in the QuickBooks Support page, @dano22.


I can share some insights on how to update the check numbers on previously created paychecks. In order for you to save the changes, you may use the OK button below the existing paycheck.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Payroll menu then click on the View paycheck list link.
  2. Click the paycheck to open the entry.
  3. Update the Check number then press OK.


If that doesn't save the new check number, try some basic troubleshooting steps. Unexpected issues in QuickBooks are sometimes affected by the amount of data stored in the cache. This is because a regular browser will constantly overwrite itself and will not remove history unless done manually.


Private browsing will not save any history, so it's a great place to identify issues in the browser. Use these keyboard shortcuts to launch a new private window:


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl Shift N  
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N


Once you open a private browser, log in to your QBO account and try to open the invoice. If it functions correctly, clear the cache to resolve browser issues in QBO. You can also use a different browser and see if the issue persists there.


Feel free to post here in the QuickBooks Support page again if you need anything else with QuickBooks paychecks. I'll be right here to help you too. Have a lovely week!

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