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Bookkeeping Fun
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New Paid Time Off policies

QB Online has finally added Paid Time Off to it's payroll choices.  


I need to run a report like the Vacation and Sick Leave report showing balances, but I need to have the Paid Time Off numbers to be included in that report.


Does anybody know how to do that?

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New Paid Time Off policies

You can use the Payroll Summary By Employee report to get the data you need, VitaminAngels.


At this time, we can't customize the Vacation and Sick Leave report to display the balances and Paid Time Off amount.


To get the data, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Reports on the left panel.
  2. Type Payroll Summary By Employee in the search box.
  3. Go to the Employees Wages, Taxes, & Adjustments section of the report.
  4. Look for PaidTO and review the amount below the Total Amount column.
  5. If you need the data for a specific employee, just click the Employee drop-down at the top and select the name.

Just let me know if you need to print the report so I can show you the steps. Thanks.

Bookkeeping Fun
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New Paid Time Off policies

Your steps show me in dollars.  I need it in hours as the Vacation and Sick Leave report is.


Can you show me a work around for that?




Vitamin Angels

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New Paid Time Off policies

Hi, @Bookkeeping Fun.


Allow me to step in and help share additional information about the Payroll Summary By Employee report.


You have the option to check the Hours box on the report to show the hours for your employee's Sick/Vacation. I've attached a screenshot below for your reference.




Let me know if you have additional questions. Also, if you need help articles in the future, you can always visit our site: Help articles for QuickBooks Online.


I'll be here to help if you have other questions about generating your Sick/Vacation report. Have a good one.



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New Paid Time Off policies

But, that solution not show accrued but unpaid PTO like the Vacation and Sick report does.  This not the solution we are look for.  Question does the new PTO show hours on the paycheck.

QuickBooks Team

New Paid Time Off policies

Hi there, RWright.


The Payroll Summary by Employee report can be generated for individual employees from a specific range of dates. This report provides gross pay, net pay, taxes, and other deductions and total hours worked.




Yes, currently the accrued or unpaid PTO is only available in the Vacation and Sick report. And yes, the Paid Time Off hours will show on the paycheck.



Please refer to this article for additional information about PTO and for steps on how to create and assign time off policies, and to answer specific questions about how these pay types are accrued: Set up time off policy in Online Payroll.
Please check this article on how to run and print report so you can keep track of your payroll details and history, especially on year ends: View and print payroll reports.


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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