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Payroll Split

When I make out a paycheck why does it say "SPLIT" for every paycheck on the check register? I am only printing paper paychecks as we do not offer direct deposit. I have attached a screenshot of what I am referring to. 

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Re: Payroll Split

Because it is split up with many detail lines, so there is no one account that QB can show there without being misleading.


Re: Payroll Split

Thanks for the screenshot, sr732.


BRC is correct. The paychecks in the check register will show as split since there are multiple affected accounts. To name a few are Payroll Wages, Payroll Taxes and bank account.


Please follow the steps below to view them:

  1. Select Lists at the top, then choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Double-click the account to open the check register.
  3. Open the paycheck by clicking it twice.
  4. Click Reports at the top, then select Transaction Journal (refer to the first screenshot below).

image.png image.png

Check out this helpful article to learn more about paychecks, : Payroll 101.


If I can be of further assistance, please let me know by posting below. Hoping this response finds you with a smile.

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