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Payroll tax

How do i correct payroll tax item 


so i sent the payroll tax 2 weeks ago. And i just notice today that i put the wrong item name


instead of national paid leave credit i put national paid leave medicare. Its just the item name that is incorrect but the amount is correct

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Payroll tax

Let's correct your payroll data before the end of the year,  Joy1317.


If the payroll liability was paid electronically within QuickBooks Desktop, we'd recommend contacting our Payroll Support Team to do some adjustments and correct the details. You can reach them through this link: Contact Payroll Support.


If the payroll liability was paid through check, can void or delete the payment. Then, create a new one for the correct payroll liability that you want to pay.


Also here are some payroll links that might be helpful when dealing with payroll liabilities:

Let us know how this goes so we can further assist you in correcting your payroll data.

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Payroll tax

Can i void it and make a new one? Its just a item name that is incorrect

QuickBooks Team

Payroll tax

Let me get things easier and I'm here to guide you on how you can do it, Joy1317.


QuickBooks uses payroll items to track individual amounts on a paycheck such as National Paid Leave. You can edit the payroll item so you can change it to credit instead of medicare. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Lists menu, then select Payroll Item List.

    What is the Payroll Item List?

  2. Right-click on the appropriate item, then choose Edit Payroll Item.
  3. Make any necessary changes to the Payroll Item Name, the Liability/Expense Account Associated with the item, How to Calculate the item, and/or Default Rates and Limits (Rates and Limits entered here will affect all employees).
    Note: You can't edit the payroll item type. If you want to change it, create a new payroll item.
  4. Select Next until you can click Finish.

For your reference, you can review your transactions so you can add and match them in QuickBooks Desktop.


Fill me in if you have questions about editing the payroll item. I'm always right here to help you if you have any concerns.

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Payroll tax

This is paid electronically and i cannot make any changes. So im not sure if that will work. I have attached the laystub.

QuickBooks Team

Payroll tax



Thank you for reaching back to the Community. Since it's paid electronically, I suggest reaching out to our customer team. This way, one of our representatives can pull up your account and make any adjustments to correct it.  


Here's how to contact them:  


  1. Go to:
  2. Select QuickBooks Desktop. 
  3. Enter your concern. 
  4. Choose either Chat or Get a callback

 I'm adding some helpful articles that tackles about payroll liabilities: 



Should you have other questions, do let me know. I'll be around to help. Take care.

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Payroll tax

Is there no way to correct it? By myself without contacting anyone in oayroll support? 

QuickBooks Team

Payroll tax

Hi Joy1317!


I understand that you need to modify the payroll tax item you've paid electronically. Only our Payroll Experts can make adjustments and correct the data. You can follow the steps shared by my colleague above in reaching out to them.


Post again if you need anything else. We'll respond as soon as we can.

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