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payroll timesheets

When reviewing scheduled payroll before it is posted, we take a look at every single employee's summary, which shows "Earnings" in the top left, "Other Payroll Items" below that in the middle left, "Company Summary" below that on the bottom left, and then "Employee Summary" on the middle/bottom right.

My question relates to "Other Payroll Items" - each week the quantity of hours in that section defaults to whatever the quantity of hours was the previous week.  Is there a way to get those items' quantity of hours to match the current week's total "Earnings" hours?

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payroll timesheets

Thank you for the detailed information, jdolan14.


The Other Earnings hours default to the hours set up for the employee. If you want the hours to match the current week's total earnings, you can override the information by entering the hours manually. Make sure to do this before finalizing the pay run. 


On the Preview Paycheck window, enter the hours matching the current week's total. Click on Save & Next.


Check out this article about customizing payroll and employee reports.


Let me know if you have other questions about payroll in QuickBooks Desktop.

Level 3

payroll timesheets

I understand we can override manually, but is there no way to make the "Other Payroll Items" quantities match that week's "Earnings" hours?

QuickBooks Team

payroll timesheets

Hi there, @ jdolan14.




The option to auto-match the payroll items to the earnings is unavailable. You’ll have to manually enter and change them to match the hours on the timesheet.


Also, you can have the average work per week by running the Payroll summary report and set it per week. There isn’t a single report in QuickBooks that’ll show all your desired information. As a workaround, you can pull up each report I mentioned and export and combine them in Excel.


You might also want to check out these articles to learn how to manage your timesheet:



Please know that you can get back to this post if you have any other questions. We're always here to help.

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