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Prior payroll

I have already paid an employee two times before I set up QB. I have looked at the videos and they reference a Step 8:  "How much did you pay ?? so far this year?"  there is an option below that "+Enter prior pay details"


I don't have that option available.


I can't figure out how to proceed.

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QuickBooks Team

Prior payroll

Welcome to Community, @Atas2020.


I'll share and guide you on the steps on how to enter prior payroll in QBO. Before going to your payroll center, make sure you haven't run payroll in your account. This option will no longer available if you already created a paycheck. Thus, you'll have to reach out to our Payroll Support to they can record the prior payroll on your behalf.


Let's go to your payroll to begin. Here's how:


  1. Go to Payroll, and then select Employees.
  2. Locate the employee's name, and then Edit employee.
  3. Scroll down to Step 8: How much did you pay [employee] this year?, click +Enter [year] prior pay details.
  4. Hit Done.

After typing the pay information, repeat the same steps for your other employees. Need more details? Check this guide: Set up a prior payroll for QuickBooks Online Payroll.


However, if you already have paychecks recorded, you'll need to contact our Payroll Support. Here's how to reach out:

  1. Go to (?Help, then Contact Us.
  2. Enter a brief description of your case, then hit Let's talk.
  3. Choose Get a call. Type in your call information.
  4. Click Confirm my call.

In case you need help with other payroll tasks, click this link to go to our general payroll topics with articles. 


I'm more than willing to assist you if you still have other questions or concerns. Just drop them in the reply section. I'll be there for you.

Level 2

Prior payroll

the only option I have in Step 8 is "How do you want to pay ###?"


Prior payroll

The option you have right now is the last step when adding an employee in the system, @Atas2020.

I want to assist you. This way, you’re able to finish setting up prior payroll in QuickBooks. However, this needs an evaluation to get this done immediately.

Since you re unable to see the option, it would be best to reach out to our Payroll Support team. The advantage of communicating with them can walk you through the whole process and able to review your payroll set up to ensure they're properly recorded.

You can visit this reference to learn about our support hours. Then you can follow the steps provided by my colleague above to contact them.

In addition, please check this out for extra knowledge on how to manage your payroll more efficiently. It includes set up details and how to get started with payroll.

Leave me a comment below if you have any other issues or concerns with QuickBooks. I want to make sure everything is taken care of for you.

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