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Re-issuing stale paychecks from a previous closed year

I am needing to re-issue some paychecks that were never cashed and are now stale.  They are from previous years, and are stale.  There are many answers that address this issue, but those solutions are not complete - or I am missing something obvious.  The re-issued check that needs to print must have today's date - so it can be deposited.  All of the other answers to this question don't address this need.  QB does not let you change a paycheck date from a prior year - which makes sense.  So I am not sure how to get a replacement check into the hands of my employees that has a current and usable date on it.

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QuickBooks Team

Re-issuing stale paychecks from a previous closed year

Thank you for reaching the Community, Union Treasurer.


Let me share an idea on how you can reissue an employee's paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop.


You can create a dummy check (not a paycheck) to account for the paychecks that were never cashed, and then void it to balance your check register. This way, you can reissue the paycheck to your employee with the current date.


Like this:


  1. Modify the employee's paycheck in the register with the next available check number (take note of original paycheck number), and click Save and Close.
  2. From the Write Checks screen, create a check payable to the employee.
  3. Put the current date on the check.
  4. Enter the net amount.
  5. Enter the same check number (the new check number) entered on the modified lost payroll check.
  6. Click Save & Close.
  7. Print the check and issue to the employee.
  8. Change the check number on the Write Check screen to the original paycheck number.
  9. Void the Write Check (do NOT void the original paycheck) in the bank register.


I've added this link for more information about reissuing a paycheck: Issue a lost paycheck


For future reference, you can visit this article and learn more about printing your paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop.


Come back to us if you still have other concerns about payroll. I'll be here to check on your response. Have a good day!

Community Champion

Re-issuing stale paychecks from a previous closed year

The important things here are to

- create a check for the net pay for a more current date and

- make the net bank activity 'balance' so that you can reconcile.

- document the case.


Here's a way do to it:

1. Create a standard (non paycheck) check for the current date.  Use the employee name, and enter the net pay. In the expense account field, use the same bank account you're writing the check from. You may be a warning asking you to confirm.

2. Record and print or hand-write the check. When you review your register, you'll see the check twice, once as a check and once as a deposit, so in the end it has no impact on your account balance.

3. Optionally, complete a pretend reconcile, where the beginning and ending account balances are the same, and marking off only the original paycheck and the "deposit" part of the new check, for a net change of 0.00.

4. Optionally, add comments to both the original and new checks describing what you did.

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