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Payroll appears twice for employees on Workforce

I ran my payroll this morning, then QuickBooks crashed on me and I spent half the day recovering from backups. At that point, payroll appeared not to have run since I recovered from a file the previous day. I did the 'send null payroll' drill from the help files, but the paychecks themselves didn't appear in the employee listing. So then I recreated the payroll (so my my reports would be correct) and made them all not Direct Deposit (so it didn't pull from my account twice) but now when I look on Workforce I see two pay stubs/dates for this payroll run. How do I get rid of the 2nd entry for each employee online so they see the correct info

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QuickBooks Team

Payroll appears twice for employees on Workforce

Hi there, parishadmin.


Thank you for visiting the QuickBooks Community. Let me share some steps so you can remove one of the paystubs. Then, to ensure that your employees can see the correct information.


I recommend running and customizing the Payroll Transaction Detail report. From there, you can view all created paychecks and confirm if there's a double entry. This way, you may then delete the checks to remove the second entry for each employee, ensuring that they see the right information in Workforce.


Here's how:


  1. Click the Reports menu at the top.
  2. Choose Employees & Payroll. Then, select Payroll Transaction Detail.
  3. Click the Customize Report button.
  4. Filter the necessary information.
  5. Review all the paychecks.


Once you've confirmed that the entry is duplicate or shouldn't be included, you can double-click the check and delete it.



Additionally, you can also have the option to create a payroll summary report in QBDT to view your payroll totals including employee taxes and contributions: Create a payroll summary report.


Lastly, you may refer to this article to see steps on how you can memorize reports so the same settings of the customized report will be available for future use: Create, access and modify memorized reports.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you with concerning payroll. I'm here to lend a hand. Take care and have a great day.

Level 1

Payroll appears twice for employees on Workforce

My QuickBooks file is correct with only one paycheck for each employee. Workforce has duplicate entries for 4/15/22 that I need fixed and I can't do it. See the screenshot

Level 1

Payroll appears twice for employees on Workforce

Photo didn't post... Screenshot 2022-04-14 085642.png

QuickBooks Team

Payroll appears twice for employees on Workforce

Thanks for using QuickBooks in processing payroll, parishadmin. I know how difficult it is when you have duplicate paychecks on the Workforce page. I'm here to help you with that.


Workforce depends on the paychecks that you've run in QuickBooks Desktop. Let's access the payroll service using a private window. This helps us determine if this is a browser-related issue. 


Here are the keyboard shortcuts: 


  • Safari: Command + Shift + N 
  • Google Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge: CTRL + Shift + P 


From there, try checking if the duplicate paychecks still show. If it's gone, let's clear your browser's cache. This deletes its stored files to ensure the program performs efficiently.


If the issue persists, try using other supported browsers. That way, we can check if this is a browser-integrated issue.


In case none of these fixes the problem, I'd recommend contacting our QuickBooks Payroll Team. They're equipped with tools to check the cause. It'll also allow them to submit a ticket to our engineering team to alert them about the issue if necessary.


Additionally, I've added an article that'll help you manage payroll and keep track of employee expenses in QuickBooks Desktop: Run Report.


Keep us posted on how it goes, parishadmin. I’ll be more than happy to help you out again. Keep safe always!

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