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Remote Out of state Employee (need additional help)

Our company is in located in Georgia but we are hiring an employee who will be working in Texas and lives in Texas (remote). There is no reciprocity agreement between the employee's work location state and employee's residence state so that does not apply here ( none between Texas and GA). A few questions:

  1. Being that there is no reciprocity agreement - Is the employee subject to withholding taxes in the state of Texas or GA?
  2. Will we pay SUTA to Texas or GA?
  3. Are you able to apply for withholding tax ID and SUTA account number through Intuit QuickBooks for us or do I have to do it myself?
  4. You said its either an employee who works outside the primary location or the one who lives outside their work location site – in my situation doesn’t our employee fall under both as he/she will be living and working in Texas?
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Remote Out of state Employee (need additional help)

Oh, i love to answe this...

1. YES, the answer to a choice is always yes. Lol. You must withhold GA state tax and employee submits a non resident tax form annually as well as their TX form. They will have to pay TX while they wait on their refund from GA.


2. GA, and reason is you do not need to register in TX to have an employee in TX working for you unless licensing is involved


3. You would apply to Austin (capital of the lone star state) on your own, but only if you the need to run two separate payrolls since you woukd end up fikiing dounle thenamount of state stuff


4. Not sure what you are referring to here.



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