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Does anyone know a way to get the dates to print along with the days?  Dates show on computer screen but do not print.


Also, is there a way to increase the "Notes" field?


I'm new to this part of QB and have poked around but can't find answers to these two questions.



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Hi there, @Melissa0321.


It's my pleasure to provide answers about printing dates and increasing the notes field in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


The dates along with the day in the timesheets form should print in QBDT. Since the dates didn't print on your end, make sure that your QBDT and Adobe are the latest releases. 


Once confirmed and the issue keeps going, let's choose Use Printer Online in the Printers and Faxes window. For the complete instruction, visit this article and proceed to Step 2Resolve printing issues.


For notes filed, please drag the column header to the left or right to increase the field. Also, ensure to put a check in the Print full activity notes box to print the full text of your activity notes on each timesheet.


See the sample screenshot below. 



You can always access Timesheets Report or Time by Name and export it to Excel. This way, you have copies that you can use outside QuickBooks. Then customize it to show precise data. 



For more details, check out this article: Create and print timesheets.


I'd also encourage you to check out these articles below about handling time sliders, manual cards, and other relevant matters. 



Feel free to leave a message below if you have further questions about your timesheets. I'm happy to provide an explanation and resolutions. Keep safe always. 

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